FIRST CLASS: 10 Hollywood-Approved Holiday Getaway Spots

It’s the end of the year, and you need a vacation.  A good one.  Here are 10 Holiday Getaway spots for you to fly off to, lifted from the glamorous films they appeared in.  Because you deserve it.

Good news: you’ve got a few vacation days saved up, and it’s time to use them.

So we consulted some Golden Globe Nominees, Oscar Winners and other Industry big-wigs and picked for you 10 beautiful Holiday getaway spots for you to visit, all from your favorite movies.

We just want to make sure you make the most of your hard-earned time off.


1. Waldhaus flims Mountain Resport & Spa – Flims, Switzerland

Youth Mountain Resort

Seen In: Youth (2015)

Travel Tip: While primarily known for its exciting ski slopes and relaxing spa packages, the Waldhous Flims resort also has some of the best dining in the world.  This is a must-visit for foodies.


2. Faena Hotel – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Focus Margot Robbie Pool Bikini

Seen In: Focus (2015)

Travel Tip: Faena’s immaculately constructed spaces are ideal for events and meetings – but you’re not here for that.  You’re here for vacation.  So just stick to the pool.


3. The Carlyle Hotel – New York City, New York

A Very Murray Christmas The Carlyle

Seen In: A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

Travel Tip: Though Bill Murray himself probably won’t be there to personally serenade you, The Carlyle frequently hosts celebrity guests.  Be sure not to miss Woody Allen’s weekly jazz performances.


4. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resport – Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Couples Retreat Resort

Seen In: Couple’s Retreat (2009)

Travel Tip: Regardless of its reputation, the couples therapy sessions at the St. Regis are optional.  If your relationship is structurally sound, you can skip them in favor of swimming, bike tours and yoga classes.


5. Isla Marietas – Nayarit, Mexico

Limitless Island

Seen In: Limitless (2011)

Travel Tip: Even with only 10% of your brain functioning, the reasons to visit this island are pretty obvious: gorgeous beaches, prime scuba spots and even some cliff-diving accommodations.


6. Amanjena Hotel – Marrakech, Morocco

Sex and the City 2 Morocco Hotel

Seen In: Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Travel Tip: Despite all the spas, golf courses and museums available, you may just want to stick to your room on this trip…every one comes standard with a private heated swimming pool.  For the classy skinny dipping experience.


7. Grand Hotel Plaza – Rome, Italy

The Man from Uncle The Grand Hotel

Seen In: The Man From UNCLE (2015)

Travel Tip: Just as swanky and groovy as it was in the 60’s, the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome is the perfect place to take a load off with a fine glass of wine and the best pasta you’ll ever eat.


8. Etihad Towers – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Furious 7 Car Jumping Between Towers Scene

Seen In: Furious 7 (2015)

Travel Tip: Modern, sophisticated and luxurious, the Etihad Towers are designed to radiantly reflect the sunlight at all angles, so be sure to stand far enough back to get the full view.  You might even catch a crazed American drive a car between not one or two but three of the towers…its been known to happen


9. One & Only Ocean Club – Nassau, Bahamas

The Other Woman Ocean Club

Seen In: The Other Woman (2014)

Travel Tip: With breathtaking beaches and wonderful picturesque views, this is an ideal spot for a getaway with the wife…or mistress…or other mistress.


10. Timberline Lodge & Ski Area – Clackamas County, Oregon

Wild Hiking Spot

Seen In: Wild (2014)

Travel Tip: If your perfect vacation involves some alone time to find yourself – no phone, no busy streets, no human contact at all – this is the perfect getaway spot for you.  Pack some durable boots and plenty of water and you’re set.  Go wild.