HOUSE PARTY: 10 Magnificent Movie Mansions & Their Asking Price

Jackie Treehorn ran an adult empire out of one.

Jay Gatsby crammed an entire city into one.

And you… well, you just want one.

We speak of mansions, of course. What follows is a not-scientific-at-all breakdown of 10 of cinema’s finest over-the-top estates. The real-life versions in places like Nottingham, not made-up manors in cities like Gotham.

Otherwise this whole thing would just be stupid…

Savages Hummingbird NestIt’s Called: The Hummingbird Nest
You Remember It from: Savages
You’ll Find It in: the Santa Susana Mountains just outside of LA
Last Known Asking Price: $49,500,000
But It’s Worth It Because: It’s 17,000 square feet of pools, equestrian facilities and general excess. That, and the ghost of Blake Lively lives there.
The Great Gatsby St. Patrick’s Seminary It’s Called: The mansion formerly known as St. Patrick’s Seminary
You Remember It from: Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby
You’ll Find It in: Sydney, Australia
Last Known Asking Price: A… trillion dollars? The International College of Management, Sydney took over the building in 1996. The deal probably went something like:
Seminary: “We’d like a trillion dollars, please.”
College: “Okay, here’s a trillion dollars.”
But It’s Worth It Because: Now all those Australian kids have a place to go to learn how to manage things.
The Wolf of Wall Street Long Island Beach HouseIt’s Called: The beach house from The Wolf of Wall Street
You Remember It from: Yep…
You’ll Find It in: Sands Point, Long Island
Last Known Asking Price: Another one of architect Myron Goldfinger’s estates, this one in Southampton, hit the market at $32 million back in April, if that’s any indication.
But It’s Worth It Because: A guy named Goldfinger designed it. Also, Jonah Hill did a bunch of fake ludes there. Double-also, great excuse to say “ludes.”
X-Men ENGLEFIELD HOUSEIt’s Called: Englefield House
You Remember It from: X Men: Days of Future Past
You’ll Find It in: Berkshire, England
Last Known Asking Price: Pick a number. Any number. Thing’s been passed around between members of the Benyon family (you know… the Benyon family) since the early 1800s.
But It’s Worth It Because: Mutants.
HedsorHouse_MortdecaiIt’s Called: Hedsor House
You (Will) Remember It from: Mortdecai
You’ll Find It in: Buckinghamshire, England
Last Known Asking Price: Well, it’s an events venue now and rates start at around 3,000 pounds per day. So probably around 3,000 pounds.
But It’s Worth It Because: You’ll never forget the time you did team building exercises and discussed Q4 budget projections in an unnecessarily elaborate structure in England.
Pain and Gain Michael_Bay_Luxury_Beach_HouseIt’s Called: 2900 North Bay Road (apparently the naming-things guy took a day off)
You Remember It from: Pain and Gain
You’ll Find It in: Miami Beach, Florida
Last Known Asking Price: Director Michael Bay reportedly picked it up from non-director Hulk Hogan for a cool $18.9M.
But It’s Worth It Because: You’re working with six bedrooms, two guest apartments, a media room, a rooftop terrace and a pool complete with the requisite cabana. Miami does this.
Iron Man The Razor Residence It’s Called: The Razor Residence
You Remember It from: Iron Man 3
You’ll Find It in: The land of make believe. Yep. The mansion you saw in the movie was digitally created. But there’s a strikingly similar property in La Jolla, California that may or may not have inspired Sir Favreau.
Last Known Asking Price: $39 million. And it sold for $14.1 million. Missed it by that much.
But It’s Worth It Because: You get to play a really expensive game of pretend.
The Big Lebowski ResidenceIt’s Called: The Sheats Goldstein Residence
You Remember It from: The Big Lebowski
You’ll Find It in: Beverly Crest, Los Angeles, California
Last Known Asking Price: Pretty sure Hollywood bought this place from John Lautner in the 60s and never looked back.
But It’s Worth It Because: If they hadn’t, Jeff Bridges never would have been born and the space-time-shut-the-f-up-donny continuum would forever be suspended in a state of dormancy.
aldrich mansion Meet Joe BlackIt’s Called: Aldrich Mansion
You Remember It from: Meet Joe Black
You’ll Find It in: Narragansett Bay, Warwick, Rhode Island
Last Known Asking Price: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence has owned it since 1939, so maybe don’t look for a Re/Max listing any time soon.
But it’s Worth It Because: When Catholics temporarily grant access to their mansions for the purposes of filming movies about romance and death and Brad Pitt, everybody wins.
Wollaton Hall BatmanIt’s Called: Wollaton Hall
You Remember It from: The Dark Knight Rises
You’ll Find It in: Nottingham, England
Last Known Asking Price: It’s currently a museum, but Warner Brothers paid £100,000 to film the movie there.
But It’s Worth It Because: Otherwise Christian Bale wouldn’t have had anywhere to be all lonely and presumably play Hungry Hungry Hippos with Alfred.

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