SIGHTINGS: A First Look at the 15 Cameos in ‘Entourage’

TheTake offers you a preview of the 15 celebrity cameos from the Entourage movie.

Celebs on top of celebs on top of celebs.

That’s basically the premise of the Entourage movie that hits theaters this week. That and something about Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) making a movie, running out of studio funding and wearing awesome sneakers.

But about the celebrity cameos.  Here are the 15 cameos in Entourage that’ll get your attention this weekend.

In no particular order . . .

calvin harris in entourage
 #1 Calvin Harris
What you’ll notice: He might have a future beyond the turntables.
David Spade in Entourage
#2 David Spade
What you’ll notice: The brilliant pairing of jean shirt & goatee.
Ed O'Neill in Entourage
#3 Ed O’Neill
What you’ll notice: That the Modern Family star knows how to rock the short sleeve button down.
Gary Busey in Entourage
#4 Gary Busey
What you’ll notice: He is running with Baron Davis these days. (Who’da thought?)
Jessica Alba in Entourage
#5 Jessica Alba
What you’ll notice: That you wish she was in the movie for more than 30 seconds.
Kelsey Grammer in Entourage
#6 Kelsey Grammer
What you’ll notice: The yellow shirt. The black convertible. The sudden urge to watch Frasier.
Liam Neeson in Entourage
#7 Liam Neeson
What you’ll notice: No one flips the bird in a Bentley better than Liam Neeson.
Mark Cuban in Entourage
#8 Mark Cuban
What you’ll notice: You’ll want to be a billionaire at a Malibu house party slinging tequila.
Mark Wahlberg in Entourage
#9 Mark Wahlberg
What you’ll notice: The “Get Marked” promotional shirt and his own entourage.
Pharrel Williams in Entourage
#10 Pharrell Williams
What you’ll notice: Pharrell + big hat = epic house party
Russell Wilson in Entourage
#11 Russell Wilson
What you’ll notice: The tank top and his massive guns.
T.I. in Entourage
#12 T.I.
What you’ll notice: The vintage Oakland A’s hat.
Tom Brady in Entourage
#13 Tom Brady
What you’ll notice: You like it when he stands next to Gisele rather than Turtle (Jerry Ferrara).
Warren Buffett in Entourage
#14 Warren Buffett
What you’ll notice: The power tie & the billionaire. (NOTE: that’s the 2nd billionaire cameo for those keeping score.)
Andrew Dice Clay in Entourage
#15 Andrew Dice Clay
What you’ll notice: That you’re impressed you remembered the name Andrew Dice Clay.