OSCAR WILDS: The 2015 Winners for Best Looks & Locations in Film

And the 2015 Oscar Winners are . . .

Actually, we have no idea.

But we know what products and film locations caught your eye.  We’re talking about the cinematic items that made you pause a movie and say “Where can I get that jacket in Interstellar?” or “Think we can get a room at the Grand Budapest Hotel?”  Below is a list of our award recipients.

The Judge Sunglasses

Best Leading Sunglasses in a Crime Drama: Hank Palmer’s Vogue Eyewear in The Judge

Captain America Scarlet Jacket

Stand Out Performance by a Jacket in a Chase Scene: Scarlett Johansson’s Madewell bomber in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Interstellar Iceland

Best National Park Used as Another Planet: Vatnajokull National Park (Iceland) in Interstellar

Birdman Underwear scene

Best Use of Underwear in a Fight Scene: Edward Norton’s speedo in Birdman

The Other Woman Isola

Lifetime Achievement in Brunching: Cameron Diaz at Isola Trattoria in The Other Woman

Guardians of the Galaxy Red jacket

Best Supporting Jacket in a Space Film: Star Lord’s leather jacket in Guardians of the Galaxy

john_wick puppy
Stand Out Performance by a Puppy in a Vintage Car: Cute puppy in John Wick’s 1969 Ford Mustang

Fifty Shades of Grey Face Touch

Special Acheievement in Face Touching: Christian Grey (and his Omega watch) in Fifty Shades of Grey

Need for Speed McLaren

Stand Out Performance in a Car Crash: $1.2M Mclaren P1 Coupe in Need for Speed

Wild Boots Backpack

Best Use of Red Laces in a Hiking Drama: The Danner Boot laces in Wild

That Awkward Moment Cardigan

Best Supporting Cardigan in a Rom-Com: TopMan Shawl Collar Cardigan in That Awkward Moment

American Sniper Fake Baby

Breakout Performance by a Fake Baby: Fake Baby in American Sniper