FIFTY BELOW: 25 Must-Have Products For Under 50 Bucks

Do you want to look like a Movie Star, but don’t want to break the bank?  We’ve got your back.  Here are 25 must-have products from Film & TV for under $50 bucks.

We realize that commitment is hard.

You really want to dress like James Bond…

But you’re just not quite ready to shell out the $6,350 for his Omega watch.

So we’ve collected 25 products from Film & TV that you can buy without breaking the bank. Everything is $50 or less.

So you can shop without the guilt.

1. Dress Like Tony Stark For Only 28 Bucks

Tony Stark Bruce Lee Shirt

The Product: Bow & Arrow Gung Fu Scratch Shirt, $28.90
Seen In: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


2. Harley Quinn’s Crop Top is Driving Us Crazy

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Daddy's Monster T-Shirt

The Product: Much Needed Merch Daddy’s Lil Monster Crop Top, $26.99
Seen In: Suicide Squad (2016)


3. Get Your Neighbors’ Attention With This Snapback Hat

Seth Rogen Neighbors Hat

The Product: Odd Future Jasper Dolphin Snapback Hat, $40.00
Seen In: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)


4. Kardashian-Approved Sunglasses for Just $36

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kourtney Kardashian Sunglasses

The Product: Spitfire Teddyboy Sunglasses, $36.00
Seen In: Keeping Up With The Kardashians


5. $24 Gets You Cisco’s Panda Tee

The Flash Cisco Ramon Panda T-Shirt

The Product: Urban Outfiters ‘Let’s Make a Panda’ Tee, $24.00
Seen In: The Flash


6. Conquer Any Hangover With These Blublocker Sunglasses

The Hangover Sunglasses

The Product: Blublocker Aviator Sunglasses, $29.95
Seen In: The Hangover (2009)


7. You Don’t Need a Trust Fund To Dress Like a Scream Queen

Scream Queens Chanel Quilted Bralet

The Product: Lashes of London Quilted Bralet, $14.25
Seen In: Scream Queens


8. 27 Bucks Gets You Leonard’s Digital Watch

The Big Bang Theory Leonard Watch

The Product: Casio Digital Sport Watch, $27.96
Seen In: The Big Bang Theory


9. Haley’s Draped Cardigan is a Steal at $29

Modern Family Haley Dunphy Cardigan

The Product: H&M Draped Cardigan, $29.99
Seen In: Modern Family


10. The Hoodie You’ll Never Want to Take Off

g Brooklyn Nine Nine Hoodie

The Product: Threads for Thought Trim Fit Heathered Hoodie, $24.98
Seen In: Brooklyn Nine-Nine


11. The Perfect Backpack for School…or Post-Apocalyptic Survival

The 5th Wave Chloe Grace Moretz Backpack

The Product: Burton Trebel Yell Backpack, $44.95
Seen In: The 5th Wave (2016)


12. A Fake ID For Under 4 Dollars

superbad mclovin ID

The Product: McLovin Classic ID, $3.99
Seen In: Superbad (2007)


13. One Alexander Hamilton = You’re Dressing Like a Kardashian

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kourtney Kardashian Bodysuit

The Product: Missguided Scoop Back Racer Bodysuit, $20.40
Seen In: Keeping Up With The Kardashians


14. Classic Sneakers for Any Activity

Step Brothers shoes

The Product: Converse Chuck Taylor Low Sneakers, $49.95
Seen In: Step Brothers (2008)


15. 19 Bucks Gets You the Best Band Shirt Ever

While We're Young Gabriella Campagna Some Crappy Band T-Shirt

The Product: Skreened ‘Some Crappy Band’ T-Shirt, $18.89
Seen In: While We’re Young (2015)


16. A Hat for Cruisin’ Down the Street in Your ’64

Straight Outta Compton hat

The Product: A.F. Compton Snapback Cap, $11.85
Seen In: Straight Outta Compton (2015)


17. A Must-Have Tee for Any Classic Rock Lover

500 Days of Summer Joseph Gordon Levitt Clash T-Shirt

The Product: Hot Topic The Clash London Calling T-Shirt, $24.99
Seen In: (500) Days of Summer (2007)


18. A Gold Mini-Skirt For Those Walks of Shame

Trainwreck Amy Schumer Gold Skirt

The Product: Sakkas Shiny Metallic Mini Skirt, $16.99
Seen In: Trainwreck (2015)


19. Go Back to the 80’s With Marty McFly’s Calculator Watch

marty mcfly watch back to the future

The Product: Casio CA53W Calculator Watch, $15.95
Seen In: Back to the Future (1985)


20. These Affordable Leggings Get an ‘A’ Plus

Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benson Leggings

The Product: Vince Camuto Seamed Black Leggings, $49.00
Seen In: Pretty Little Liars


21. The One Desk Swag to Rule Them All

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Sheagol Statue

The Product: Sideshow Weta Collectables Smeagol Desk Statue, $15.00
Seen In: The Big Bang Theory


22. This $15 Tank Top Will Bring All The Vampires Running

The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham Tank Top

The Product: Urban Outfitters Printed Racerback Tank Top, $14.99
Seen In: The Vampire Diaries


23. Show Your Love for Eddie Vedder in This Classic Tee

Neighbors 2 Seth Rogen Pearl Jam T-Shirt

The Product: Pearl Jam ‘Choices’ 2-Sided T-Shirt, $17.68
Seen In: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)


24. Ten Bucks Puts Richard Pryor’s Face on Your Chest

Superbad Richard Pryor Shirt

The Product: Five Finger Tees Richard Pryor T-Shirt, $9.99
Seen In: Superbad (2007)


25. The Shades You’re Wearing to Your Next House Party

Neighbors Rose Byrne Sunglasses

The Product: Gika Products Wayfarer Sunglasses, $5.95
Seen In: Neighbors (2014)