7 MINUTES IN HELL: Scream Queens Episode 6 Reveals The Softer Side of Chanel Oberlin

Would the Scream Queens be Better Off Dead Than Under Her Rule?  Maybe Not. Here are (almost) 6 Ways ‘Seven Minutes in Hell’ Revealed Chanel Oberlin’s Good Side.

She isn’t ALL bad.

We think.


She did make glaring accusations about that weird thing with #5’s…well, never mind that.

Apart from her poisonous jabs and her “What?  Ew!  No!” response to Grace’s slumber party idea, it seems as though Chanel might be showing some love around the campus of Wallace University.

So pop open a watermelon wine cooler, grab a packing-peanut s’more or two and take a look at Episode 6’s revelations into what may be the softer side of Chanel.

#1 Thanks to her neutralizing vote, Chanel “Presents the new co-President, Zayday….something!”

(Never mind its underlying strategy: The Chanel Dies Last Plan)

zayday new president

#2 And after agreeing to ALL of his terms and conditions, Chanel and Chad are back together.  Selfless act, Chanel.

chad and chanel back together

#3 Not to mention she’s learned a few things from A&E specials about the mafia – especially how to respect those KKT presidents of yore.  #LaFamilia

chanel gives history of kkt

#4 But she just can’t seem to stop that swirling rumor about #5’s … wait – we decided to let that go.

chanel #5 rumor

#5 Because when it came to saving Zaydays life – she was there.  The Chanel Dies Last Plan remains intact!

red devil comes for zayday

#6 THEN she bestowed these darling little gifts to her sisters!  You get a pink nunchuck!  And YOU get a pink nunchuck!

pink nunchucks for scream queens

…and everyone under the KKT roof was happy once again!

kkt dance party

Well…maybe not everyone.

a present from chanel

They’re dropping like flies.  Click here to get looks from your favorite Scream Queens (while you still can).