BEHIND THE WHEEL: 8 Iconic Drivers from Film

The top 8 drivers from film you would ride shotgun with during a high speed chase, a smooth getaway or just a cruise to the grocery story. (Spoiler: that last one involves Miss Daisy.)

Lest you were concerned about the fate of this fast-driving franchise, the Transporter is back. This time, they’ve swapped out Jason Statham for Ed Skrein. But the black suit, black car—in this case, an Audi S8—and general mayhem remain.

Point is, The Transporter: Refueled got us thinking about other iconic drivers from film. The men and women who made a big impression behind the wheel , whether they were simple chauffeurs, daring racers or unwitting bus drivers. These are they.


1.) The Driver, Drive
The Car: 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle “Malibu”
The Rundown: Hollywood stuntman, getaway driver and reluctant talker (played by Ryan Gosling but billed simply as “Driver”) gets into a whole mess of trouble. His gold Chevy is always there for him.


2.) Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver
The Car: An NYC cab
The Rundown: Robert De Niro plays a Vietnam vet who’s a taxi driver by day, vigilante by night. The ride’s more functional than flashy, being a city-issued cab and all.


3.) Cole Trickle, Days of Thunder
The Car: Chevy Lumina
The Rundown: Tom Cruise is an up and coming racer, and behind the wheel of his trusty, tricked out Lumina, he competes on the NASCAR circuit. He makes rivals, he makes friends, there are crashes. Basically, it’s like Top Gun with cars.


4.) Tobey Marshall, Need for Speed
The Car: Custom Shelby Mustang
The Rundown: If you kill a guy’s friend, make sure it’s not the friend of this former race car driver (Aaron Paul), who’s got vengeance on his mind. Also, it’s probably best if he’s not driving a legendary Shelby Mustang either. He’ll catch you.


5.) Kowalski, Vanishing Point
The Car: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
The Rundown: Hopped up on pills, this car delivery driver played by Barry Newman travels from Denver to San Francisco. Police chases happen, there’s a nude woman on a motorcycle, things get a little existential about 70s-era counterculture… it’s a weird one. Impressive driving, though. 


6.) Hoke Colburn, Driving Miss Daisy
The Car: 1949 Hudson Commodore
The Rundown: It’s the story of a longtime chauffeur (Morgan Freeman) befriending a wealthy woman (Jessica Tandy) and dealing with issues like race and friendship. It’s also a fine showpiece for a handful of classic cars, like a Chrysler New Yorker, several Cadillacs and this 1949 Hudson.


7.) Lloyd Christmas, Dumb and Dumber
The Car: 1987 Cadillac Brougham Stretched Limousine
The Rundown: Llyod (Jim Carrey) is the unwitting chauffeur who, along with his unwitting pal, travels from Providence to Aspen to return a briefcase that was never meant to be returned. This is the limo that started it all.


8.) Annie Porter, Speed
The Car: It’s actually a bus
The Rundown: It’s the age-old story of cop (Keanu Reeves) meets girl (Sandra Bullock). Girl drives bus. Bus must stay above 50 miles per hour to avoid blowing up and killing everyone on board. And all the while, Annie manages to perform some serious maneuvers through a surprisingly not-gridlocked Los Angeles. Kudos, Annie.