SWIPE RIGHT: A Cinematic Guide to Nailing the First Date

Here are 15 first date tips from the movies that will help you make a perfect first impression.

Mr. Smith. The Notebook’s Noah. Christian Grey.

What do they have in common?

They know a thing or two about going on a first date.  And they can help you take your romance game to the next level.

Here are 15 first date tips from the movies to make sure your next first date is your last.

Where to Go and What to Do:

1. (500) Days of Summer

The Place: IKEA
The Details: At first thought, IKEA may seem like an odd choice for a first date.  It’s a place populated by families looking for new kitchen cabinets and college freshmen testing out futons.  However, upon closer inspection, this (500) Days of Summer clip wonderfully displays the all benefits: lots of space to run around, plenty of material for gags and jokes (to show-off your sense of humor), and even a few comfy beds if the date gets especially steamy.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey

The Activity: Take to the skies in a private glider.
The Details: While the cost of renting a private glider might be a little steep, the virtues of this first date excursion will certainly reward the financial investment.  You are literally putting your date’s life in your hands, and what’s more romantic then near-death activities.

3. Silver Lines Playbook

The Place: Your local diner.
The Details: Sometimes the best option is to keep things casual.  If you want to keep things really casual – take a queue from Silver Linings Playbook and claim a comfy booth at your local diner. Go ahead, order a bowl of cornflakes for the table.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You

The Activity: Paintballing.
The Details: If your date is the physically active type who gets turned on by non-violent acts of aggression, paintball might just be the perfect activity for you.  After all, a date is only successful if you come home bruised and sticky.

5. Pulp Fiction

The Activity: Win a dancing competition.
The Details: Find a nearby restaurant that hosts weekly dancing competitions (we recommend Jack Rabbit Slim’s), because you can’t beat sending your date home with a trophy.  We strongly encourage practicing your moves beforehand; in addition to the above Pulp Fiction scene, here and here are a few more movie dance scenes that can show you a few moves that’ll be sure to woo your partner.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The Activity: 1. Drink tequila, 2. Dance.
The Details: So maybe you don’t want to practice a dance.  That’s fine – we have another option for you, one that is arguably a lot more fun.  Knock back a few rounds of tequila, and then hit the dance floor like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Warning: it could lead to a relationship built on a foundation of lies, deceit and violence.

What to Wear:

7. Jurassic World

Fashion Tip: Wear anything but cargo shorts.
The Details: Based on Claire’s reaction, it is pretty clear that cargo shorts are a significant turn off for most people.  No matter how hot it is, wear some respectful pants on your date (like Owen’s jeans in Jurassic World here).  And – if the temperature really is uncomfortably hot – a henley shirt can be an acceptable solution.

8. Crazy, Stupid, Love

The Look: A tailored burgundy suit.
The Details: This is a bold look, but if you can pull it off…you can’t beat it.  If for whatever reason you aren’t feeling as confident as Gosling here, Albert Hammond Jr. also makes a gray suede suit that may be more your speed.

9. Easy A

The Look: Black corset, black Ray-Bans (red ‘A’ optional).
The Details: If you want to make a memorable, borderline intimidating entrance on your first date, then the Olive Penderghast look from Easy A is for you.  Just grab your Ray-Bans and the black corset from the back of your closet (if for some reason you don’t already own one, you can get one here) and show your date who’s boss.

10. How to Be Single

The Look: Red top, pattern skirt, topped off with some All-American shades.
The Details: Look, not all first dates need to end in serious commitment, or even the hint of it.  If your “date” is more of a “night out,” the girls from How to Be Single have some fashion tips.  Try Alice’s (Dakota Johnson) outfit of a red top on a pattern skirt and, last but not least, show off your patriotism with some nationalist sunglasses.

What to Say:

11. Trainwreck

The Advice: “You gotta go for it.  You need to focus if you want to take it to the next level.  You have to give it everything you got if you want this one.  It’s like when I lost the championship in 2011, I worked on my game twice as hard…and we ended up winning the championship.  Twice.” -LeBron James on Relationships.
The Details: Here are some words of wisdom from Lebron James about how hard you have to work if you want your first date to go well.  King James has spoken.

12. There’s Something About Mary

The Advice: Don’t go on a date with a loaded gun.  People get hurt that way.
The Details: This one really speaks for itself.

13. The Notebook

What You Need: 1. A Ferris Wheel, 2. A Strong Grip, 3. This Line: “I’m gonna ask you one more time, will you or will you not go out with me?  I think my hand’s slipping.” -Noah.
The Details: This pick-up attempt has a 99% conversion rate but a 30% fatality rate.

14. 50 First Dates

What You Need: A cute penguin.
The Details: So say you know where a certain crush of your’s is going to be driving by at a certain time.  All you need to do now is set out an adorable penguin in front of their car which will cause them to stop.  From there, sparking up a conversation shouldn’t be too difficult.

15. I Love You, Man

The Advice: “If you see a cool looking guy, strike up a conversation and ask him on a man date.  Casual lunch or after work drinks.  You’re not taking these boys to see The Devil Wears Prada.” -Robbie.
The Details: Not every date needs to be romantic – sometimes you just need a man date.  But initiating those can be awkward, so take a tip from I Love You, Man and stick to a casual lunch or after work drinks.  Do not, under any circumstances, watch The Devil Wears Prada (no matter how much you love it).