MOMENTS: That Time ‘Tiny Dancer’ Made Everything a Little Better

You’re busy. We get it. Nobel prizes don’t win themselves.  But you need a break. Preferably in the form of a short movie clip. But who’s got time to sift through all the clutter to find a good one? Oh, that’s right, it’s us. We’ve got the time. So sit back, relax and let your day get a few minutes better.

THE MOVIE: Almost Famous (2000)
“I have to go home.” – William (Patrick Fugit)
“You are home” – Penny Lane (Kate Hudson)
WHAT TO WATCH FOR: The high schoolers in bell-bottoms. Russell’s board shorts that are pretty ahead of their time. (And the matching throw blanket he borrowed from the house party.) William’s denim shirt that serves as a pillow for Miss Hudson. And Jason Lee’s long brown locks.