SHIRT SO GOOD: 6 Band T-Shirts from Film that Every Man Needs

A band t-shirt is a style statement.

It says something about you.

Like, “I’m a child of the ‘80s,” or, “I’m just wearing this ‘Yo Yo Ma’ shirt ironically, when in reality I cannot discern a cello from a viola.”

But whether that shirt reminds you of a special concert from your past, or it’s just something to wear with jeans, the band t-shirt remains a classic piece of casual attire. And, here we’ve got six band tees seen on screen, from Pink Floyd to vintage Metallica.


The Judge Metallica Shirt Robery Downey JrThe Movie: The Judge
The Band: Metallica
Who Wore It: Robert Downey Jr., because everyone knows Robert Duvall is more of a Megadeth guy.
Goes With: Lars Ulrich, the color black, aggressive head banging.
500 Days of Summer The Clash ShirtThe Movie: (500) Days of Summer
The Band: The Clash
Who Wore It: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays opposite Zooey Deschanel in this hipsterfied indie darling of a rom-com.
Goes With: English beers and the rocking of Casbahs.
xmen Pink floyd shirtThe Movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Band: Pink Floyd
Who Wore It: Evan Peters as Quicksilver, the incredibly speedy mutant with a penchant for British rock.
Goes With: LSD (or so we’re told).
Top Five Red Hot Chili Peppers ShirtThe Movie: Top Five
The Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Who Wore It: Chris Rock, as his character attempts to bridge the gap from comedian to serious actor. Hilarity ensues.
Goes With: Guitar riffs, tight pants, other spicy vegetables.
the place beyond the pines metallica t shirtThe Movie: The Place Beyond the Pines
The Band: Metallica (yep, again)
Who Wore It: Some t-shirt model named Ryan Gosling.
Goes With: Unfortunate tattoos, motorcycles and emphatically urging everyone you know to “ride the lightning.”
If I Stay Sonic Youth T-ShirtThe Movie: If I Stay
The Band: Sonic Youth
Who Wore It: Jamie Blackley, who plays a talented musician racked with grief as his girlfriend teeters between life and death.
Goes With: Alt-rock, the ‘90s, teenage angst.