SUIT UP: 15 of the Most Important Bikinis from Film

For summer, TheTake is doing an analysis of the top women in bikinis from movies.

Summer’s approaching, and that naturally makes us think of sunny beaches.

Which in turn makes us think of bikinis.

And since we’re about the movies…

Below we’ve rounded up the 15 best bikinis from film, spanning several decades to incorporate the classic, the cult classic and some recent favorites.

Hey, it’s hard work, but somebody had to wanted to do it.

Focus Margot Robbie Bikini imageFocus (2015)
Margot Robbie looks every bit the conniving temptress in this stunning black bikini.
The score: 9
Judges say: You’ll sit through two hours of a brooding Will Smith just for this scene. Worth it.
Phoebe Cates BikiniFast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
Oh, Phoebe Cates. With one unfastened red bikini, you made 1982 a memorable year for adolescent males everywhere.
The score: 10
Judges say: 7 for the bikini. Plus three more for the missing top.
The Other Woman Kate Upton BikiniThe Other Woman (2014)
Kate Upton plays the naïve mistress alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. She also runs along a beach.
The score: 9.5
Judges say: Great form. Very Baywatch. This could be her audition tape for a reboot.
Halle Berry bikini Bond GirlJames Bond: Die Another Day (2002)
Halle Berry gets her turn as a Bond girl. Everyone wins.
The score: 9
Judges say: Top notch. Bonus points for the practical-yet-elegant knife holster.
Brooklyn Decker BikiniJust Go With It (2011)
Two words: Brooklyn Decker.
The score: 9
Judges say: Before, I never cared for the color yellow. Now, I love it.
Jessica Simpson dukes of hazzardDukes of Hazzard (2005)
Jessica Simpson looks every bit the stunning southerner in her pink bikini.
The score: 9
Judges say: Little known fact: this particular scene was linked to a massive uptick in Georgia’s tourism.
Wild Things Pool SceneWild Things (1998)
In this twisted cult classic, Denise Richards plays an equal opportunity seductress.
The score: 10
Judges say: Simple and sexy. The suit was a fine precursor to the threeway heard round the world.
Jessica Alba BikiniInto the Blue (2005)
Jessica Alba in the blue bikini that catapulted her career.
The score: 9
Judges say: Nice suit, nice hair, just… nice.
Kate Bosworth Blue CrushBlue Crush (2002)
Kate Bosworth, the sexiest maid/surfer/Pro Bowl arm candy Hawaii’s even seen.
The score: 8.5
Judges say: She’s no Alba, but she’s sure easy on the eyes.
Charlies Angels Cameron Diaz bikiniCharlie’s Angels (2000)
Cameron Diaz plays a deadly but very smiley super spy.
The score: 8
Judges say: This makes me want to own a boat.
Heather Graham Bikini Austin PowersAustin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Heather Graham dons this attractive white number under her wetsuit. Unfortunately, so does Mike Meyers.
The score: 8.5
Judges say: Kudos for the nod to the classic scene from Dr. No.
Dr No Ursula AndressDr. No (1962)
Speaking of Dr No… here’s Ursula Andress in the original scene.
The score: 9
Judges say: The Swiss actress really knows how to accessorize with conch shells.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider BikiniLara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)
Angelina Jolie complements her black bikini with a utility belt, long braid and intense gaze.
The score: 9.5
Judges say: I’ve found that most archaeologists don’t look like this.
Star Wars Gold BikiniStar Wars Episode VI (1983)
Carrie Fisher’s famous gold bikini is perhaps the world’s most talked about piece of swimwear.
The score: 9
Judges say: Even George Lucas couldn’t mess up this fine piece of wardrobe.
Spring Breakers BikinisSpring Breakers (2012)
Four scantily clad and morally flexible high schoolers descend upon Florida for spring break. What could possibly go wrong?
The score: 8
Judges say: This made me glad I don’t have daughters.

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