FALL OUT: 12 Great Moments in Autumnal Cinematic History

September 23, 2014.

Remember that day.

Because that’s the day the autumnal equinox will usher in a brave new world of tweedy delights, crackling fires and people throwing the word “wassail” around with great abandon. Burgundy. Also the color burgundy.

Anyway, kind of makes you wish someone would round up 12 movies that embody the spirit of fall and randomly pair them with theme-appropriate cocktails.

About that…

The Trouble with HarryThe Year: 1955
The Movie: The Trouble with Harry—Alfred Hitchcock’s tale of a well-dressed dead man and another man’s journey to figure out where to put him. But the whole thing takes place in Vermont in the fall, so it ends up way less depressing than it sounds.
The Cocktail: The Autumn Rickey—lime, bourbon, soda and Vermont maple syrup. The Vermont part feels important.
peanuts-thanksgiving-tableThe Year: 1973
The Movie: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving—It’s… well, it’s a cartoon movie about a Thanksgiving dinner that Charlie Brown had. Just think where we’d be today if Peppermint Patty hadn’t invited herself over on that fateful Thursday.
The Cocktail: Virgin Hot Wassail—Family movie and all. Or just kidding. Not a virgin one because stupid.
Bob+Dylan+Dylan+Last+Waltz2The Year: 1978
The Movie: The Last Waltz—Filmed on Thanksgiving Day, 1976, this is Scorsese’s stab at a rock doc. And, weird, he nailed it. Look for on-stage cameos from the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Neil Diamond. Tough Neil bracket.
The Cocktail: A Glass of Cheap Wine—When Bob Dylan allegedly introduced the Beatles to marijuana in 1964, he allegedly requested a bottle of cheap wine be sent to their hotel room afterwards. Allegedly.
OutsidersThe Year: 1983
The Movie: The Outsiders—Specifically, the scene where Pony recites Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold Can Stay to Johnny just outside of the doomed church. Sort of apropos of summer ending, right? If not, we’re going with that anyway.
The Cocktail: The Ginger Gold Rush—Black Maple Hills bourbon, ginger liqueur, lemon juice. There’s “Gold” in the name, you see.
Dead-Poets-SocietyThe Year: 1989
The Movie: Dead Poets Society—If that opening scene doesn’t make you want to put on a shawl collar anything and burn a pile of leaves while eating a cranberry sandwich, we don’t even know you anymore.
The Cocktail: Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale—one of New England’s finest. Although a ‘gansett might work in a pinch.
When_Harry_Met_SallyThe Year: 1989
The Movie: When Harry Met Sally—Bit obvious, sure, but when else are you going to watch the thing…
The Cocktail: Whatever she’s having.
RushmoreThe Year: 1998
The Movie: Rushmore—Fall semester. Somewhere near Rushmore Academy. Houston, TX. Bill Murray climbs a diving board ladder with a rocks glass, sets it down and proceeds to execute what may amount to the most miraculous cannonball-into-a-leafy-pool in cinematic history. Sit back down, Mr. Burgundy.
The Cocktail: Cinnamon and Tequila Hot Chocolate—almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla bean, dark chocolate and Anejo tequila. When in Texas…
American Beauty BagThe Year: 1999
The Movie: American Beauty—It’s tough to talk about autumnal excellence without also talking about a plastic bag creepily floating around in the breeze with a bunch of dead leaves. So that was us talking about it.
The Cocktail: The American Beauty—brandy, vermouth, OJ, grenadine and a float of port wine. We’ll assume the drink was named after the movie.
Meet The ParentsThe Year: 2000
The Movie: Meet the Parents—Start to finish, you’re dealing with an entire rainbow of tweed-and-wool excess. Except for Owen Wilson’s character, who seems to have a particular affinity for white. And saying words that are great.
The Cocktail: Warm milk? This is the part where you remember the “I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?” scene.
The Social NetworkThe Year: 2010
The Movie: The Social Network—Opening sequence. A young Mark Zuckerberg runs through the Harvard campus, leaving a trail of wet leaves and Trent Reznor in his wake.
The Cocktail: The Harvard Cocktail—cognac, sweet vermouth, grenadine and bitters. Feel free to rename that.
The-November-ManThe Year: 2014
The Movie: The November Man—Yeah, it basically doesn’t count. But whoever came up with the title thinks it should, and that’s good enough for us.
The Cocktail: Who knows, maybe bourbon with a splash of water. We’re taking a mulligan on this one.
this-is-where-i-leave-youThe Year: 2014
The Movie: This Is Where I Leave You—Just look at that cardigan on Tina. Look at those slippers on Jason. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially if you pretend they’re together for Thanksgiving or something instead of their dad’s funeral.
The Cocktail: Bailey’s and Coffee—Lot of good drinking-coffee-at-the-breakfast-table-with-family moments in this one. We wouldn’t want you to feel left out.

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