BEWARE: Scream Queens Episode 7 Proves More To Fear Than Red Devils

When the Red Devil is MIA, Someone Else Gets the Job Done.  Beware of Young Girls (and the Not-So-Young, too).

This week the women of Scream Queens took center stage – and boy did they have an axe to grind.

Namely Dean Munch, who decapitated her husband to the tune of Shirley Bassey’s “That’s Life.”  Ouch.`

Then when #3, #5 and #6 thought Chanel was the killer, they got right to work planning a Sugar Party where everyone eats bowls of sugar!  Except Chanel – her sugar bowl would hold crushed diamonds and an intestinal death wish.  Fabulously harsh.

Suddenly the old adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” came to life (while others didn’t end up so lucky).

It all started at #2’s funeral where the attire was black and pink, and Chanel Oberlin was red-hot mad.

chanel number 2 funeral

She gave the eulogy, as only she could.

chanel eulogy for number 2

But do you think #2 went down like that?  Hardly.  She came back from the dead to reveal the killer: CHANEL!

scream queens ouija board

Except it was kind of a lie.  Well, it was a total lie.  And she appeared to Chanel in a dream that night to apologize.

chanel number 2 in a dream

…but things got much more intense when we met former Kappa Feather McCarthy, and learned of her  affair with Dean Munch’s husband (love is blind, btw).

feather and doctor munch

And this time revenge took on more of a permanent nature when Dean Munch left one of them dismembered…

dr munch murder

…and the other framed for the crime.

feather mental hospital

Although we’ve got to say – when it comes to a Kappa girl scorned, Gigi takes the cake.

gigi seeks revenge

But in the end, a house divided cannot stand.

chanels together

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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