BLACK FRIDAY: Black. White. Pink. RED. Scream Queens Episode 11 Gets Colorful.

White Mink Boy Shorts and Red Devils Amid Pink Christmas Trees?  That’s How the Scream Queens Spent Black Friday.  Plus – Another Red Devil was Revealed.

White mink boy shorts.

A big pink Christmas tree.

(Another) Red Devil.

So far it’s been quite a colorful holiday season for the Queens, and it all started with Black Friday (and an unfortunate cross bow incident).

By the way, can we all agree that Dean Munch is part superhuman?  She. Just. Won’t. Die.

Here’s what the day after Thanksgiving looked like for those who’ve managed to stay alive at Wallace University:

Chanel Oberlin dreamed of her typical Black Friday: special favors and early access so she didn’t have to mingle with peasants.

chanel oberlin black friday

She may have escaped the maddening mall rush, but she did end up being shot.

red devil cross bow

Don’t worry.  She’s still alive – but we can’t help but wonder whether this Red Devil is a bad shot, or aiming strategically?

chanel cross bow wound

Unfortunately, (new Chief of Police) Denise Hemphill was a bit slow on the draw and the Red Devil got away.

denise hemphill new police chief

But while we aren’t sure who that Red Devil was, we are sure that PETE is a killer.  Yes, Pete.

pete is a red devil

Grace seriously can’t win.  Not only is her boyfriend a Red Devil, her efforts with Chanel to kill Dean Munch are 0 for 2.

grace scream queens

First, they attempted to poison Munch with blowfish venom-spiked apple cider.  A+ for creativity!

chanel grace poison munch

F- for success.

dean munch apple cider

Then, they tried to deep freeze her during a Cryotherapy treatment…

dean munch cyrotherapy

…also unsuccessful.  Peace out, pledges.

dean munch still alive

Who cares about another Red Devil attack when there’s a Donna Salyers white fur halo to be had!?  Check it out.