MOMENTS: To Celebrate Brad Pitt’s BDay, Here’s His Most Underrated Fight Scene

You’re busy. We get it. Nobel prizes don’t win themselves.  But you need a break. Preferably in the form of a short movie clip. But who’s got time to sift through all the clutter to find a good one? Oh, that’s right, it’s us. We’ve got the time. So sit back, relax and let your day get a few minutes better.

THE MOVIE: Snatch (2000)
THE QUOTE: “I’ll fight ya for it.” – Mickey (Brad Pitt)
WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Mickey’s overall look that requires no showering: vintage leather hat, thin gold chain and his tattoo art. The red hoodie on Gorgeous George.  The handsome camel hair coat on Tommy. Oh, and Mickey’s miracle punch. (Happy Birthday Brad.)