LOCATION OF THE WEEK: A Stunning Buenos Aires Retreat for Margot Robbie

Well, here we are. Right in the thick of the holidays.

Which means your house might be filling up with family.

Which also means you might want to book a room for yourself away from all the commotion.

We hear Argentina’s nice…

So pack your bags and head south for the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires. It’s a historic building (a former wheat mill, to be exact) that was saved from demolition in 1998. Then six years and $40 million later, it began its new life as a posh hotel in the Puerto Madero neighborhood. With 105 rooms, award-winning restaurants and its own cabaret, it’s a popular hotspot for business travelers, moneyed tourists and the occasional celebrity.

Room at Faena Hotel

Faena Hotel in Focus

Faena Hotel Focus

It was even frequented by the likes of Will Smith and Margot Robbie in their coming-soon film, Focus. There, the professional con artists ply their tricks of the trade. Oh, but don’t worry, they build in some pool time.

Faena Hotel Focus

And you should too. With its red lounge chairs and cabanas, that pool is a fine place to spend the better part of an afternoon. Just be sure to leave some time for the spa. It’s all gorgeous and tranquil and basically the exact kind of place you’d want to engage in something called the “Lover’s Bath.” See, that’s where you and someone significant step into an oversized bath for a two-hour candlelit soak before your couple’s massage begins.

Faena Hotel Spa Focus

Anyway, we’re just trying to tell you that this is a nice hotel.

And how you spend those two hours is entirely up to you.

Faena Hotel445 Martha Salotti, Buenos Aires 1107BDA, Argentina