THE HOLIDAY: We Found Your Winter Coat. Take a Peek.

It’s winter.

That means you have one thing on your mind . . . finding your dream jacket.

This is where Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) from the The Holiday and her painfully cute Louis Vuitton cashmere and wool toggle jacket come into play.  And just in case you pick one up, here are four ways to debut your cozy coat.  In no particular order:

  1. When a winter afternoon in England is on the cusp of frightful (or 31 degrees), unveil this beauty.
  2. On casual date #2 with Jude Law toss it on over your cashmere sweater and tights.  LV can dress up anything.
  3. In anticipation of an impromptu eggnog rager. Hey, it’s the color of a milky liquor for a reason.
  4. For snowball fights with Jack Black, you’ll want to test out the hood.

Cameron Diaz Coat from The Holiday