THE ART OF SEDUCTION: Going All Cameron Diaz This Valentine’s Day

You’re hopefully aware of this, but Valentine’s Day is happening very, very soon.

Now, you could go the usual route—romantic dinner, thoughtful gifts, that sort of thing.

Or (and hear us out) you could just dress sexy as hell in an unabashed ploy to seduce your Valentine.

Yeah, that seems good. Do that.

And for some inspiration on what to wear, let’s turn to Cameron Diaz. Specifically, her oh-so-seductive attire from the Counselor.


Cameron Diaz The Counselor THOMAS WYLDE leopard dressThe Item: Thomas Wylde Gunslinger Minidress
The Seduction: In the movie, Ms. Diaz hikes the dress up and proceeds to consort with a Ferrari’s windshield as Javier Bardem looks on. It’s… a bit unorthodox, but hey, feel free to replicate. Or just, you know, wear it and look really good while doing so as the animalistic nature of the cheetah print dress brings out the animal in both of you. Actual roaring is optional.
 Cameron Diaz The Counselor THOMAS WYLDE PantsThe Item: Thomas Wylde Leather Studded Leggings
The Seduction: These are basically chaps. Tight, leather chaps with metal studs running down the legs. Let’s think about that for a minute. Okay, that was a good minute. Now, break these out during any wild west reenactments or horse stable-situated trysts. Or anytime, really. We promise no one’s going to protest.
Cameron Diaz The Counselor THOMAS WYLDE DRESSThe Item: Thomas Wylde Maori Print Caftan Dress
The Seduction: The flowing fabric, the plunging neckline, the leg slit… it’s a real attention-grabber of a dress that’ll have all eyes on you. And it slips off quickly, too, in case an occasion calls for effortless undressing. Just… try to wait until you leave the restaurant.