FIGHT CLUB: TheTake’s Guide to Street Fighting


They can happen just about anywhere. In a back alley. On top of a train. In an elevator with Beyonce’s sister.

To survive, you need one thing: a kick-ass outfit. Behold, our battle tested attire.

FOR FORMAL FIGHTING: 007 Has the Perfect Suit for Choke Holds

James Bond Skyfall
The Suit: Tom Ford Grey Sharkskin Suit, The Movie: Skyfall

FOR BEACH BATTLES: Water. Sand. This Suit Repels Everything but Peeta.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire
The Suit: Battleframe Cosplay Costume (Close Match), The Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

FOR THE PUNCH OUT: This Jacket Can Take a Punch, We Think.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Jacket: Vince Double-Face Field Jacket, The Movie: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

FOR THE STAND OFF: Shades, It’s All About the Shades.

22 Jump Street
The Shades: Dita Eyewear Wayfarer Sunglasses (Close Match), The Movie: 22 Jump Street

FOR FIRE FIGHTS: A Bra Because Roundhouse Kicks in Fire Suits are Hard

Iron Man 3 Pepper Potts
The Bra: Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra 320 (Close Match), The Movie: Iron Man 3

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