GEEK OUT: 10 Collectibles from The Big Bang Theory That You Need To Own

TheTake’s team of comic book aficionados went through the set of The Big Bang Theory to find all the wonderful (and somewhat nerdy) collectible items that your home might need.

To be honest, your pad is nice but it’s missing something.

Something sexy but discrete.

Something bold but humble.

Obviously, we’re talking about a life sized bust of Batman.

Take some interior design tips from Sheldon and Leonard and decorate your home with one of these 10 Comic Book Collectibles in The Big Bang Theory. It doesn’t matter if you’re Camp Marvel, Camp DC or a Dr. Who loyalist – we’ve got you covered.

10. Go Green with this 25 inch tall Hulk Statue

Big Bang Theory Hulk Statue

If you want to want to leave an impression on all your house guests, you can’t go wrong with this hefty 18 pound statue.  Just don’t smash it when you’re angry.


9. Blow Your Nose with Style with a Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Cover

Big Bang Theory Rubiks Cube Tissue Box

Ever find yourself bummed out by how boring your tissue box is?  No need to cry – this Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Cover is your solution.


8. Bring Your Room to Life with a Life-Size Batman Bust

Big Bang Theory Batman Bust

Do you have $2000 lying around, but you can’t figure out what to spend it on?  Make the smart choice and adorn your room with the best life-size-Batman-bust that money can buy.


7. (Dr.) Who Wouldn’t Want this Life Size Red Dalek Cardboard Standup?

Big Bang Theory Dr. Who

You can’t go wrong with this dalek-cate piece of home decoration.


6. Own the Knight with this Batman Statue

Big Bang Theory Batman

Are you the biggest Batman Fan around?  Need to make that more clear to your roommate?  This should do the trick.


5. Flaunt your AP Chemistry Knowledge with this DNA Model

Big Bang Theory DNA Model

James Watson and Francis Crick didn’t spend years of their lives researching and analyzing the complex double helix structure of deoxyribonucleic acid molecules so that you wouldn’t put it in your living room for everyone to see.


4. Stop Joking Around and Get This Harley Quinn Statue

Big Bang Theory Harley Quinn

It’s time for the Joker’s maniacal sidekick to steal a bit of the spotlight.


3. Get Loud About Your Love of Silent Cinema with this Maria Statue from Metropolis

Big Bang Theory Metropolis

Does it grind your gears that youths today no longer spend their time watching German auteur Fritz Lang’s silent three hour expressionistic dystopian masterpiece?  Maybe this cinephile-approved Robot Maria statue will help ease your pain.


2. Spend Your Lunch Money on this Dr. Who Lunch Box

Big Bang Theory Dr. Who Lunch Box

Become the Time Lord of the Cafeteria with this TARDIS-adorned tin lunchbox.


1. The Perfect Superman Statue to Complete Your Fortress of Solitude

Big Bang Theory Superman

Open up your wallets, because we don’t need x-ray vision to know that this Superman Statue is every true geek’s kryptonite.