HOT MESS: How To Dress Like a ‘Trainwreck’

TheTake is highlighting the top looks from Amy Schumer’s movie, ‘Trainwreck’, for when you’re dressing for a one-night-stand.

Sometimes you get dressed up for a job interview.

Sometimes you get dressed up for a fancy event.

This is not for those times.

This is for dressing like a hot mess like the queen of debauchery, Amy Schumer, in her debut film, Trainwreck.  Please take notes . . .

Trainwreck Gold SkirtTHE STATEMENT PIECE
A trainwreck creates a lot of noise. And what’s more noisy than a shimmering gold skirt that would make Liberace blush. Consider your statement made.
Trainwreck Leather jacketTHE TOUCH OF EDGE
Sometimes you need a little touch of edge in your wardrobe to show you aren’t messing around.  That could be an exposed tattoo that says “no regrets” or a bad-ass black leather jacket.  We recommend the latter.
Tote Bag trainwreckTHE BAG OF TRICKS
Makeup. A change of clothes. Your inflatable hot tub. A veteran trainwreck-er is prepared at all times. And that means having a stylish tote bag filled with the supplies she needs in any situation.
trainwreck striped shirtTHE DAY-AFTER SHIRT
For recovering from the night before, we recommend something baggy (for comfort), something with stripes (for sliming) and something that pairs well with jeans (for when you want to do it all over again.)  Everyone loves a good sequel.
About the day after . . . sometimes you just need a hug.  And sometimes you need to fight off the office AC unit. Enter a cardigan worthy of Mr. Rodgers’ closet. It feels like you’re being cuddled but with less pillow talk.