FILTHY RICH: The Most Eccentric Billionaire Moments from Film

A Breakdown of the 5 most eccentric moments by billionaires in movie history.

Jordan Belfort. Bruce Wayne. Scrooge McDuck.

Talk about three guys (well, two guys and a duck) that know how to throw around some cash.

Today we’re highlighting 5 movie billionaires and their most eccentric moments. Please advise your financial planner before reenacting.


Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in Batman Begins (2005)

Job: CEO of Wayne Enterprises
Net Worth: $9.2 Billion*
Eccentric Billionaire Move: Pulling up to a Hotel with two European models in the driver’s seat of his Lambo. Buying the hotel from his waiter. And then taking a dip in the restaurant’s fountain with his European supermodels.


Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) in Coming to America (1988)

Job: Prince of Zamunda
Net Worth: $650 Billion Zamunda Pounds
Eccentric Billionaire Move: Waking up. Jumping into his olympic sized . . . bathtub. And letting his not-so-unattractive assistant clean his royal parts. (As a note, there might be some mild nudity in this one.)


Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Dicaprio) in The Wolf of Wall Street (2015)

Job: Banker
Net Worth: $250 Million (Wolfie could’ve been a billionaire if the SEC wasn’t a thing.)
Eccentric Billionaire Move: Getting dropped off in his backyard by a helicopter and then, drunkenly, falling into his pool and setting off the state of the art security system. (Honorable mention: Wolfie’s joyride in the lambo.)


***WARNING: This one includes a spoiler.***

Nathan (Oscar Isaac) in Ex Machina (2015)

Job: CEO of BlueBook
Net Worth: $29.8 Billion (Tied with Larry Page)
Eccentric Billionaire Move: Buying a private island. Building a sexy robot on that private island. Teaching that robot a choreographed dance to “Get Down Saturday Night’ for when you need a dance partner.


Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales the Movie (1990)

Job: Treasure Hunter
Net Worth: $65.4 Billion*
Eccentric Billionaire Move: The daily routine of diving into your massive swimming pool of gold coins. (We’re just impressed by his backstroke.)
Duck Tales Money Dive








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