SEPTEMBER RECAP: 50 Movie Pick-Up Lines, Clooney & Anything that Mattered

Here’s a quick September recap.

Clooney: Off the market.

Bill & Ted: Making a comeback.

Pick-Up Lines: Esquire found the 50 greatest movie pick-up lines for you.

That about sums it up.

Actually, one more thing. Allow us to breakdown what was trending, hot and not this month in movies.  Then we can flip the calendar page already.

MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: This Wool Coat from If I Stay

If I Stay Zara Wool Coat
The Product: Zara Wool Duffle Coat, The Movie: If I Stay

MOST VISITED LOCATION: This Sexy Soho Brunch Spot

Isola in The Other Woman
The Location: Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar, The Movie: The Other Woman

WHAT’S TRENDING UP: Leo’s Gold Tag Heuer is Blowing Up

The Wolf of Wall Street Gold Watch
The Product: Tag Heuer Series 1000 Watch, The Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

WHAT’S TRENDING DOWN: These Shades. We Don’t Blame Aaron.

Need for Speed Sunglasses
The Product: Oakley Deviation Sunglasses Matte, The Movie: Need for Speed

OUR OCTOBER PREDICTION: Rose Byrne is Going to be a Big Deal

Neighbors Tank Top
The Product: August Salt Embroidered Tank, The Movie: Neighbors


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