ELECTION DAY: 5 Fictional Presidents From Film & TV Who Get Our Vote

Election Day is almost here.  Before that fateful day of voting arrives, we are celebrating our favorite fictional Presidents from Film & TV.

What makes for a great President?

The ability to craft meaningful bi-partisan legislation? An aggressive approach to foreign policy?

What about a willingness to hop in a jet and fight invading aliens without hesitation?

We’re leaning towards the latter.

Here are our five favorite Presidents in Film & TV, and the reasons we would vote for them.


President James Marshall (Harrison Ford)

Harrison Ford Air Force One

The Movie: Air Force One (1997)
Why He Gets Our Vote: He’s not afraid to kick unruly passengers off his plane.
Campaign Slogan: America’s Air Marshall

President Tom Beck (Morgan Freeman)

Morgan Freeman Deep Impact President

The Movie: Deep Impact (1998)
Why He Gets Our Vote: When facing an Extinction-Level Event, he has the only voice we’d listen to in a time of such crisis.
Campaign Slogan: Beck Yes We Can!

President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman)

Bill Pullman Independence Day

The Movie: Independence Day (1996)
Why He Gets Our Vote: When it comes to giving a rousing speech, you can’t get more inspirational than a classic Whitmore monologue.
Campaign Slogan: Whitmore Could You Want?

President Camacho (Terry Crews)

Terry Crews Idiocracy

The Movie: Idiocracy (2006)
Why He Gets Our Vote: He sings. He dances.  He has flowing locks.  He ends every speech by firing a machine gun indiscriminately in the air.  What’s not to like?
Campaign Slogan: Mucho Problems Require Camacho Solutions

President Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey)

Kevin Spacey House of Cards

The Show: House of Cards
Why He Gets Our Vote: He has a hypnotic Southern Drawl and a great relationship with the media.
Campaign Slogan: F.U. 2016