FOR HIM: The Top Style Trends on TV Right Now

Your closet is nice.

But It’s missing something.

Like that signature fashion piece that says:

“You might have seen me on Phil Dunphy . . . after he said something hilarious.”

To help, we bring you the top fashion trends on television right now. Scroll below to check it out.

This Leather Jacket Can Beat Up Your Other Jackets

Seen in Scandal

Phil Dunphy: Family Man. Real Estate Mogul. Chambray-Icon

Modern Family
Seen in Modern Family

It’s Cardigan Season and Chad has One for You

Scream Queens
Seen in Scream Queens

Mike Ross Only Closes Deals in Sharkskin Suits (We Think)

Seen in Suits

Retro Nike High-Tops Go Well with Exotic Cars

Seen in Ballers

Cisco’s Shirt Makes You Look Really (Really) Fast

The Flash
Seen in The Flash

Because Your Bachelor Pad Needs a $2k Batman Bust

The Big Bang Theory
Seen in The Big Bang Theory