THE BREAKDOWN: Jay Gatsby. His Tuxedo. Let’s Do This.

Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby Tuxedo

Overflowing champagne flutes. Off-the-cuff speeches. Life threatening coat check lines.

Yes, 2014 is going to be intense, black-tie intense.

Allow us to help with your new secret weapon.

Behold, The Great Gatsby Collection Tuxedo from the good people at Brooks Brothers. Trust us, your tux slippers will love it.

Alright, you’re no stranger to the Brooks Brothers. They’re timeless, sophisticated and a distant cousin to Mel Brooks, we think. Well, they have an intimate relationship with The Great Gatsby. BB has dressed all the Gatsby men from Redford to Leo.  And now, they’re going to the next level.  You.

The handsome jacket of this penguin suit has a single button and narrow peak lapels which creates a classic formal look worthy of a literature legend. Basically, it’s the godfather of the tuxedo family. For the final touch, comb out a hard part.

Hey, it’s what Fitzgerald would do.