FRIGHT NIGHT: 25 Halloween Costume Ideas from Movies


It’s in exactly 24 days.  And it might involve some effort. Like finding a good blood-splatter artist.

So, we’ve enlisted our crack team of costume specialists to help you find the perfect cinematic outfit for Oct. 31.  The result, the top 25 Halloween costume ideas from movies and the effort level needed to pull them off.

Your halloween stylist just got nervous.

Fifty Shades of Grey HalloweenFOR THE COUPLE WITH A SAFE WORD
Costume: Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey
What You Need: For him: a handsome suit and a whip. For her: a casual college outfit, a blindfold and a journal 
Effort Level: Low
Warning: Alcohol + whips + blind folds = NSFW Instagram pics
The Maze Runner HalloweenFOR THE RUNNING CLUB
Costume: Maze Runners in The Maze Runner
What You Need: 1. J Crew knit shirt, 2. brown pants, 3. wrist wraps, 4. Palladium boots, 5. chest plate, 6. to look like you haven’t showered in 5 days.
Effort Level: Medium
Warning: Running with a vodka tonic in hand is a mastered art.
Costume: Nick and Amy Dunne in Gone Girl 
What You Need: For her: a blond wig, pink silk chemisefake blood, and a journal.  For him: a NY Mets hat, jeans, blazer and a “Missing Amy” poster.
Effort Level: Medium
Warning: Keep Amy away from box-cutters.
Costume: Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2
What You Need: 1. A fake shark, 2. a baby bottle filled with warm milk, 3. sunglasses, 4. rolled up jeans, 5. thick sweater, 6. a thick ‘stache.
Effort Level: High (depending on your mustache situation)
Warning: Holding a baby shark all night is a tough bicep workout.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 HalloweenFOR THE WALKING POOL PARTY
Costume: Lou, Nick & Jacob in Hot Tub Time Machine 2
What’s Needed: 1. An Inflatable baby pool, 2. duct tape to attach pool to you and two friends, 3. bottle of bubble bath, 4. old-school clocks with necklace, 5. one rubber ducky.
Effort Level: High
Warning: Water spillage (and walking) could become a problem.
The Wolf of Wall Street HalloweenFOR THE ATTENTION SEEKER
Costume: Chantalle in The Wolf of Wall Street
What You Need: 1. A bikini or trustworthy bra, 2. 20 stacks of fake money, 3. clear shipping tape, 4. a great tan.
Effort Level: High
Warning: Single dollar bills might find their way in your bikini bottoms.
Costume: The Three Amigos from The Three Amigos
What You Need: 1. Three mariachi black suits, 2. three cap guns, 3. a canteen of sand, 4. spurs. (Please don’t forget the spurs.)
Effort Level: Medium
Warning: You might get a request to sing “My little Buttercup” – don’t disappoint.
The Hunger Games Catching Fire Halloween CostumeFOR AN EXCUSE TO WEAR YOUR WEDDING DRESS AGAIN
Costume: Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
What You Need: 1. A wedding dress, 2. bow & arrow, 3. a mocking jay pin, 4. a lighter for when you spin.
Effort Level: High
Warning: Keep the lighter away from the wedding dress.
Neighbors Halloween CostumeFOR THE BROMANCE
Costume: Mac & Teddy in Neighbors
What You Need: For Seth, a baby bjorn, a fake baby, Ray-Ban glasses and Odd Future clothes. For Zac a frat shirt, military jacket, solo cup, tight jeans, and a stability ball.
Effort Level: Low
Tip: Practice your secret handshake.
Costume: The Girls from Clueless
What You Need: We’re calling in the big guns for this one. First, read this interview with the costume designer on MTV Style.  Second, pop over to Babble for 18 tips on dressing like Cher.
Effort Level: High
Warning: If you get mistaken for just another sultry school girl then you did something wrong.
John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) in Ted
What You Need: 1. Stuffed teddy bear, 2. “John” name tag, 3. white dress shirt, 4. stripped tie, 5. chinos, 6. flour for the teddy bear’s nose.
Effort Level: Low
Warning: If your Marky-Mark impression is weak then you’re just a guy with a teddy bear.
Costume: Ninja Turtles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
What You Need: 1. Four turtle costumes, 2. sword for Leonardo, 3. nunchuks for Michelangelo, 4. sai for Raphael, 5. bo staff for Donatello, 6. a large pepperoni pizza.
Effort Level: Medium
Warning: A large pizza + intoxicated people = you’ll have lots of new friends
Dirty Dancing Halloween LiftFOR THE DIRTY DANCERS
Costume: The Lift Scene from Dirty Dancing
What You Need: 1. A stereo playing “Time of My Life”, 2. black jeans and a short sleeved black button down for him, 3. a pink dress for her, 4. dancing lessons.
Effort Level: High
Warning: There is a 50% chance you drop her. And for the record, Gosling pulled it off.
Costume: Magic Mike in Magic Mike
What You Need: 1. Male thong, 2. black hat, 3. bulletproof vest, 4. black cargo pants, 5. 15 $1 bills tucked into thong, 6. ability to do the electric worm.
Effort Level: High
Warning: Two words: banana hammock.
Frozen Halloween CostumesFOR THE THEATRICAL TYPE
Costume: Elsa & Olaf in Frozen
What You Need: 1. For her, blue dress with white sleeves, a snowflake train and an icicle microphone. 2. For him, white trash bags filled with white paper, carrot nose and stick arms.
Effort Level: Medium
Warning: You’ll never be able to listen to ‘Let It Go’ again.
Falcon in Captain AmericaFOR THE LITERAL WING MAN
Costume: The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Solider
What You Need: 1. Goggles, 2. black shirt, 3. dark cargo pants, 4. gloves, 5. massive black wings – we recommend a costume designer or cardboard.
Effort Level: High
Warning: Moving through a crowded party with massive wings on your arms could be difficult.
Walk of Shame HalloweenFOR THE SHACKER
Costume: Meghan Miles in Walk of Shame
What You Need: 1. Yigal Azrouel yellow dress, 2. David Tutera shoes, 3. bad hair, 4. smeared makeup, 5. square cat eye glasses.
Effort Level: Low
Warning: You’ll still be judged the morning after if you’re wearing this.
Costume: Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) in Tammy
What You Need: 1. Hugo Maldonado shirt, 2. one paper bag with eye holes and zig-zag eyebrows, 3. one paper bag to cover your “gun”, 4. Crocs, 5. lots of mini pies.
Effort Level: Low
Warning: You might realize how much you truly love Crocs.
Star Lord Halloween CostumeFOR THE TRENDY SUPERHERO
Costume: Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy
What You Need: 1. Black cargo pants, 2. two laser guns, 3. red leather jacket, 4. a Star-Lord mask.
Effort Level: Medium
Warning: Drinking with a star lord mask can get tricky.
Costume: Rose O’ Reilly in We’re the Millers
What You Need: 1. White keds, 2. tan stretch pants, 3. sleeveless collar button down, 4. black clutch, 5. black lingerie underneath it all, 6. access to a sturdy pole.
Effort Level: Low
Tip: Keds are better for pole climbing than platform heels.
Memento Halloween CostumeFOR THE PARTY PICS GUY
Costume: Leonard Shelby in Memento
What You Need: 1. A marker for writing tattoos on your body, 2. polaroid camera, 3. blond wig, 4. tan suit, 5. light blue button down.
Effort Level: Medium
Warning: Polaroid film ain’t cheap.
Guardians of the Galaxy HalloweenFOR THE BODY PAINTER
Costume: Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy
What You Need: 1. Red wig, 2. tight leather navy vest and pants, 3. lots of green body paint, 4. a trusting friend to help apply green paint.
Effort Level: High
Warning: You might be confused for the Grinch.
American Psycho HalloweenFOR THE EMOTIONAL I-BANKER
Costume: Patrick Bateman in American Psycho
What You Need: 1. Armani suit with light blue shirt and pink tie, 2. clear poncho over the suit, 3. one axe, 4. fake blood on the axe and poncho, 5. slicked-back hair.
Effort Level: Medium
Tip: Order your bone-colored business cards ASAP.
Costume: April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
What You Need: 1. Yellow leather jacket or yellow rain coat, 2. microphone with “Channel 6” on it, 3. name tag that says “April” (reporter’s name).
Effort Level: Low
Warning: Getting confused for Megan Fox can get pretty old. (Actually, scratch that.)
The Grand Budapest Lobby BoyFOR THE WES ANDERSON TYPE
Costume: Zero (Tony Revolori) in The Grand Budapest
What You Need: 1. A purple hotel uniform with gold buttons, 2. a purple cap “Lobby Boy” in big gold letters (you can glue these on), 3. a pencil-thin mustache.
Effort Level: High
Tip: Have your mustache artist on speed dial.

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