CYBER MONDAY: TheTake’s 2014 Movie Gift Guide

Your little cousin loves The Maze Runner.

Your sister is writing her thesis on Interstellar.

And you might be able to reenact Neighbors word for word.

This is precisely why we’ve put together TheTake’s Movie Gift Guide. Our team of movie aficionados selected the top products by movie for the film lovers in your life.  Enjoy.

INTERSTELLAR: His Jacket. His Watch. His Boots.


IF I STAY: A Filson Bag, H&M Dress and Her New Favorite Boots


THE MAZE RUNNERS: Handsome. Rugged. And Maze-Chic.


THE OTHER WOMAN: Jewlery, Heals and a Reservation at STK


NEIGHBORS: Odd Future, Ray Bans and Some Retro Nikes


FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: Miss Steele Has Some Present Options For You


NIGHTCRAWLER: Shuron, New Balances and a Breitling


FOCUS: A Bikini, An Exotic Car and One Trip to Argentina


LIMITLESS: Everything But That Special Pill


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