JINGLE BELL ON THE ROCKS: Holiday Party Guide to Attire, Etiquette & Inebriation

The Holiday Season brings with it a lot of parties.  Each one calls for a different dress code, a different attitude, and a different cocktail.  TheTake is here to guide you through it.

Holiday Parties are tricky events.

At an office party, you have to show you have a fun side – but you can’t go too far and damage your workplace reputation.

With the in-laws, you need to look proper and behave respectably – but you can’t be too stiff or forgettable.

And the ugly sweater party, well…all bets are off when it comes to dignity and propriety.

We are here to help you navigate through these murky waters with our Holiday Party Guide.  We’ve hand-picked what you need to wear and how many drinks you’ll need to get through the season.


First Holiday with the In-Laws

The Look: I am financially stable and have only the best of intentions.

Drinks Required to Get Through It: 1

For the Guys: ‘Holaday’ Modern Slim Fit Ombré Crewneck Sweater (Seen in: Black-ish)

Holiday Party Sweater

For the Girls:  D’Esprit Lace and Crepe de Chine Blouse (Seen in: Nashville)

Nashville Red Lace Top

The Drink: You can’t meet some possible future in-laws without bringing any wine.  This bottle of Cakebread Cellars Wine (Seen In: 50 Shades of Grey) should do the trick – just don’t tell your hosts its the same brand that Christian Grey drinks.  May give off the wrong impression.

Fifty Shades of Grey Wine


Office Party

The Look: I’m a professional, but I know how to let loose a little bit when the work day ends.

Drinks Required to Get Through It: 2

For the Guys: Tipsy Elves Moose Sweater (Seen in: The Night Before)

The Night Before Moose Sweater

For the Girls: French Connection Lula Colour Block Dress (Seen in: The Flash)

The Flash Colorblock Dress

The Drink: Better stick with beer for this one.  Kona’s Golden Ale (Seen in: Aloha) is not only delicious, but shows you know your beers and can be used as a topic of conversation with your coworkers.

Aloha Kona Beer


Your Entire Extended Family’s Holiday Party

The Look: I’m on vacation and I’m going to dress comfortably.  I’ll maintain an air of respectability as you are my kin, but I’ll be drinking to get through the night.

Drinks Required to Get Through It: 4

For the Guys: X-Mas Santa Beanie Hat (Seen in: Aloha)

Aloha Chrsitmas Santa Hat

For the Girls: Bella Freud Star Studded Intarsia Merino Wool Sweater (Seen in: The Mindy Project)

The Mindy Project Star Sweater

The Drink: You need to keep your composure, but you also need to get through hours of awkward political debates with your Uncle.  Go the John Wick route and try this Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.

John Wick Blantons Whiskey



Ugly Sweater Party

The Look: I’m just with my friends, so even the goofiest of ugly sweaters is fine for this occasion.  If this sweater gets damaged, stained or lost entirely over the course of the evening, I’m not going to be too bummed about it.  In fact, it might even be for the best.

Drinks Required to Get Through It: 6

For the Guys: Tipsy Elves Hanukkah Sweater (Seen in: The Night Before)

The Night Before Hanukkah Sweater

For the Girls: Digital Dudz Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Sweater (Seen in: Krampus)

Krampus Reindeer Sweater

The Drink: This occasion will probably call for shots.  Don Julio Tequila Blanco is always a respectable way to go (Seen in: Crazy, Stupid, Love).  If that’s a little out of your price range, you can always go with the classic option: Bacardi Rum.

Crazy Stupid Love Bar


Spending the Holidays Alone

The Look: My life isn’t in a great place right now and I’ve made some questionable decisions over the past year.  Honestly it’s a miracle I even got dressed this morning.

Drinks Required to Get Through It: More than 6

For the Guys: Ugly Sweater Footed Pajamas (Seen in: The Night Before)

The Night Before Christmas Pajamas

For the Girls: Cat with Santa Hat Ugly Sweater (Seen in: Krampus)

Krampus Santa Cat Sweater

The Drink: Whiskey.   Straight from the bottle.(Seen in: Jessica Jones)

Jessica Jones Whiskey