TRAVEL GUIDE: 5 Luxurious Hotels from Film You’ll Never Want to Leave

We’ve partnered with the Luxury Hotel Specialists over at Kiwi Collection to plan your next five vacations spots.  We have all the details on the top cinematic hotels you’ll never want to leave.

For many people, the best part of traveling isn’t the bus tour or the obligatory art museum visit.

It’s the hotel.

Some of these stunning resorts are so skilled in the art of luxury, they provide everything you need for a perfect vacation experience.  Like a pool graced with the presence of Margot Robbie.

We’ve partnered with the hotel aficionados at Kiwi Collection to map out five hotels straight from the big screen that you’ll never want to leave. Below is our rundown of what you need to know and where you might have seen these Oscar-worthy resorts.


1. The Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Faena Hotel


What You Need to Know: No matter which of the The Faena Hotel’s 88 gorgeous suites you end up in, you’re sure to find a unique visual flourish.  The unicorn busts in the lounge are particularly striking, and are sure to be a conversation starter during a round of afternoon cocktails.  Oh, and make sure you secure a good lounge chair by the pool, which offers bottle service with a wave of the hand.


Faena pool


Where You’ve Seen It: Focus (2015) – Speaking of that pool, you may recognize it from its big appearance in Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s 2015 hit movie Focus.  The film makes great use of the hotel’s many stunning locations, particularly in this poolside scene where Robbie, playing an alluring con artist, uses the setting (and its resulting clothing limitations) to her strategic advantage.


Focus Movie Hotel


2. Amanjena in Marrakech, Moroccco

Amanjena Hotel


What You Need to Know: This place is your haven of relaxation, so get ready to be pampered.  Start the morning with a round of golf, have lunch by the heated pool, then squeeze in a game of tennis ahead of your candlelit oil massage before finally enjoying the unparalleled Moroccan cuisine next to a crackling fire.  Still need a reason to book your tickets?  Many suites come with their own private pool, which can be adorned with floating rose pedals at your request.  This place really knows how to nail the royal treatment.


Amanjena Pool


Where You’ve Seen It: Sex and the City 2 (2010) – Remember when your favorite NYC gals absconded for a girls-only trip to Abu Dhabi? They were actually in Morocco.  Besides that, the movie gets most of the details of the hotel right: the numerous fully stocked bars, exotic dance performances and close proximity to several nearby beaches.


sex and the city 2 hotel


3. Grand Hotel at Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort and Spa, Switzerland

Waldhaus Hotel


What You Need to Know: You can’t beat the remarkable landscape views of the Swiss mountains on display here.  Spend your days hitting the slopes, or just relax and enjoy the hotel’s award-winning restaurant, complete with a five course meal paired with rich wines and the finest of cigars.  The resort’s spa amenities are also top notch, so don’t miss giving their re-hydration treatment a go.  Your rejuvenated skin will thank you later.


Waldhaus Flims Spa


Where You’ve Seen It: Youth (2015) – After his career as a composer comes to an end, Fred Ballinger (Michael Caine) settles in to the best retirement spot you can imagine: The Grand Hotel at Waldhaus Flims.  When it comes to a little soulful reflection, it’s tough to top the serenity and peace of a spa in the heart of the Swiss Alps.


Youth Movie


4. The Palace of the Lost City in Rustenburg, South Africa

Palace of Lost City


What You Need to Know: Have you been seeking an authentic jungle adventure experience, but can’t live without high-speed internet and premium cable?  The Palace of the Lost City is the place for you.  Smack dab in the middle of a botanical jungle and surrounded by mountains, this oasis is filled with elephants, rhinos, lions…and hot air balloons on stand-by, just in case.  Oh, and there is also a world-renowned water park on the premises.   They’re not using the word “Palace” lightly here.


The Palace of the Lost City


Where You’ve Seen It: Blended (2014) – Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s third movie pairing took them to the center of South Africa, because it doesn’t get much more romantic than a safari filled with breathtaking mountain scenery.  The palace also has six restaurants and bars to choose from, so the romance never has to stop.


blended movie


5. Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond in Maryland, United States

inn at perry cabin


What You Need to Know:  Seeking a little piece of paradise to escape from your busy Northeast lifestyle?  We recommend a quiet weekend getaway to the Inn at Perry Cabin.  Let your troubles float away as you set sail down the Miles River, the splash of fresh saltwater in your face and a cool breeze in your hair.  Then recover from your voyage with a soothing body wrap and facial.  After a weekend here, all the stresses of your life will be gone.


Inn at Perry cabin river


Where You’ve Seen It: Wedding Crashers (2005) – What happens when you crash a wedding and end up in the good favor of the Secretary of Treasury’s daughters? You get pulled along for a weekend retreat to the Inn at Perry Cabin, complete with “touch” football matches, friendly sailing outings and a very safe quail hunting expedition.


wedding crashers house