WINTER RETREAT: The House from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Now Yours

Picture a winter vacation lodge: rustic wooden walls, a roaring brick fireplace and bear skin rugs on top of bear skin rugs.

Okay, now erase that memory from your head.

This winter you’re going with something a little more modern . . . and Swedish.

Grab the passport for Villa Överby, a glassy Stockholm estate you might have seen in The Girl with Dragon Tattoo. And it’s yours for $5.6 million.

Now your new hilltop home doesn’t include the basement torture chamber. And, you’re unlikely to have Daniel Craig breaking in to borrow your knife. But here are a few noteworthy features you’ll want to know about your new pad:

  • You’ll be cannonballing into an infinity pool on top of a cliff. (Apparently, they cut out the Rooney Mara sunbathing scenes.)
  • Oh yeah, you’re located on top of a cliff. This means magnificent views of the Värmdö peninsula (thanks, glass walls). Go ahead, ponder ice-skating from your heavenly perch.
  • On the patio, a recessed outdoor fire pit complete with sunken lounging couches.  This nook; great for Snapchats.
  • Limestone foundation, limestone floors and limestone terraces. Basically, your feet will feel like royalty.

Oh, but the modern furniture is the same as the film. The white sofas, wire side tables and sleek dining room table helped generate $102 million at the box office. 

So we assume they’ll help with the utility bill.

Dragon Tattoo House 1







Dragon Tattoo House 2







Dragon Tattoo House 3







Dragon Tattoo House 4