FILTHY RICH: How Christian Grey Spends His $2.2 Billion

$2.2 billion.

According to Forbes, that’s the estimated worth of Christian Grey.

Well, we double checked the numbers and our accounting team agrees. But the bigger question is what a single billionaire in Seattle would do with this Scrooge McDuck level of money?  Buy helicopters, suits, Omega watches, planes, really fast cars, sex dungeons – so many options.

To help, we’ve highlighted how the leading man in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ spends his pocket change and a little explanation of why.

Fifty Shades of Grey PlaneDG Flugzeugbau Plane
Price: $550,000
Why: Germany engineering. 20 meter wingspan. Two seater. (Or maybe for reenacting scenes from Top Gun.)
Audi Spyder 50 shades of greyAudi R8 Spyder
Price: $129,400
Why: Did we mention that you can build in a humidor and champagne chillers? Your butler will be thrilled.
Fifty shades of grey helicopterEurocopter
Because having an empty helipad is such an eye sore.
Fifty shades pianoFazioli Grand Piano
Obviously, it’s for practicing his “Chopsticks” and “Thong Song” mashup.
Fifty shades of grey omega watchOmega Speedmaster Moonwatch
Price: $20,400
Why: Repeat – it’s called a “moonwatch.”
Fifty Shades of Grey WatchOmega Aqua Terra Watch
Price: $5,395
Why: Yes, it’s another Omega watch but if you need a backup Omega in a pinch then you’re covered. (Talk about embarrassing.)
Price: $195
Why: Hey, it’s rainy in Seattle. Even billionaires need to toss the hood up sometimes.
Fifty Shades of Grey BlindfoldLelo Intima Silk Blindfold
Price: $65
Why: Formal piñata parties. Your “Blind Zorro” Halloween costume. And maybe some other recreational activities.
Fifty Shades of Grey HandcuffsLeather Handcuffs
Price: $185
Why: You never know when a very trustworthy friend will allow you to chain them to something.  (Or for the Beverly Hills Cop musical he might be working on.)