AT YOUR SERVICE: Here’s How to Dress like a Kingsman

If you’re going to be a spy, you’ve got to be good at spy stuff.

You’re on your own for that.

But if just want to look like a spy… then yes, we can help.

Because here’s a five-pack of wearables—from a dapper suit to essential accessories—in that most stylish of films, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Kingsman Suit

The Suit: This Navy Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit from Mr. Porter is a wool and cashmere blend that, like Colin Firth, was made in England. With high arm holes and slim-fitting pants, the flattering cut gives the wearer a tall, sleek appearance. As a bonus, you’ve got plenty of interior pockets for storing in-the-field necessities like weapons and snacks.

Kingsman Sweater

The Sweater: Another gem from Mr. Porter, the Geelong Wool Military Sweater was handmade in Wales. The high-quality wool is accented by those brushed suede shoulder patches for that tactical solider meets history professor look that’s so popular these days. Anyway, nice sweater.

Kingsman Glasses

The Glasses: Also important: being able to see. Yourself. In the mirror. Looking dashing in these Cutler and Gross Glasses. Hand-crafted in Italy from sleek tortoiseshell acetate, the soft square-cut frames are a handsome yet practical decoration for your face.

Kingsman Umbrella

The Umbrella: Now all that’s left is something to protect your wardrobe from the elements. Enter this Swaine Adeney Brigg Umbrella with its polished chestnut handle, solid wood shaft and black canopy. In the movie, it absorbs bullets. In real life, it protects you from rain. Still pretty good.

Kingsman Jacket Adidas

The Jacket: Moving in the opposite direction, here’s the Adidas Plaque Jacket by designer Jeremy Scott . You’ll see it on main character Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton). With its zip-up front, three-stripe sleeves and bright yellow prints, the jacket ‘s not so adept at blending in. Which is great if you want to make a statement. Less great if you’re dodging bullets.