SPOT OF THE WEEK: A London Shop for Secret Agents (and Perfect Suits)

Kingsman Hunstman & SonsSometimes a bespoke tailor is actually the entrance to a secret, underground lair of super spies.

Like in the coming-soon movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which the handsome shop stocks suits, sure, but also: large guns, small grenades and just about every other kind of weaponry.

But other times, a bespoke tailor is just a bespoke tailor.

You know, the prize of Savile Row…

With 166 years experience…

That’s outfitted Gregory Peck and King Edward VIII…

Man, this is some tailor.

Get your inseam measured at Huntsman & Sons, the London-based experts in taking fabrics and turning them into perfect-fitting garments.

It’s been around since 1849, and since then… not a whole lot has changed. Sure they’ve gotten some new employees over the years, but the talented team continues to hand-cut and tailor everything in-house, much like they did in the 19th century.

huntsman & Sons

So if you want a fully custom suit, these are your guys. If you need a double-breasted shawl collar tuxedo, these are your guys. If you require a shirt that fits like a torso glove… same deal.

huntsman & Sons Interior

But say you’re in need of something to wear tonight. In that case, they’re also stocking plenty of ready-to-wear items that you can pull off the rack, try on and take home.

Your couch demands only the finest of pants.

Huntsman & Sons, 11 Savile Row, London England, +44-20-7734-7441