SPY TECH: James Bond’s Most Iconic Gadgets, Ranked (You’ll Love #6)

TheTake has ranked the 10 best James Bond gadgets that no spy should ever leave home without.

Ever wish your pen did more than just write your name?

Don’t you want your ski pole to do more than just help you ski?

Do you want your wedding ring to be more than just a symbol of your eternal vows to your spouse?

Try the Q branch.  You know them – they’re the underground lab that takes boring everyday household items and makes them, well, awesome.

Here is a ranking of the 10 Best James Bond gadgets that you wish you owned.


10. Glass Shattering Ring, Die Another Day (2002)

Glass Shattering Ring Die Another Day Bond Gadgets

Useful when you need to break a window to escape…or when you’re just not feeling like pushing a revolving door.


9. Ski Pole Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Ski Pole Gun The Spy Who Loved Me Bond gadgets

Ideal for picking off the bad guy while getting in a few good runs.


8. Little Nellie Helicopter, You Only Live Twice (1967)

You Only Live Twice Helicopter Bond Gadgets

Perfect for those who like to travel light.


7. Wrist Dart Gun, Moonraker (1979)

Moonraker Wrist Dart Gun Bond Gadgets

Because your cuff link bazooka launcher would have been overkill.


6. Omega Laser Watch, Goldeneye (1995)

Goldeneye watch laser Bond Gadgets

Two Words: Watch Laser.


5. Briefcase, From Russia With Love (1963)

From Russia With Love Briefcase Bond Gadgets

Comes standard with a throwing knife, folding sniper rifle, tear gas cartridge and plenty of ammunition.  A must-have for “business-formal” spy missions.


4. Sony Ericsson Phone, Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Tomorrow Never Dies phone Bond Gadgets

For when you need to send a text, take a selfie and hack a media tycoon all at once.  (It can also be used to remotely drive your BMW).


3. Rolex Submariner, Live and Let Die (1973)

Live and Let Die watch Bond Gadgets

A buzz-saw watch head: a must-have for those who frequently find themselves tied up, but find a Timex and pocket knife too casual.


2. Exploding Pen, Goldeneye (1995)

Goldeneye exploding Pen Bond Gadgets

Warning: if you’re sick of your pens exploding, you may want to choose another writing utensil.


1. Bell – Textron Jetpack, Thunderball (1965)

Thunderball jetpack Bond Gadgets

For when you want to exit a venue in style. (Plus, “No well dressed man should be without one.”)