7 AND 007: The James Bond Guide to Drinking

We all know Bond’s “shaken-not-stirred” motto by heart, but over the years 007 has knocked back a lot more than dry martinis.  Here are James Bond’s 10 favorite alcohol brands and drinks.

If anyone deserves to take a load off and have a drink now and again, it’s James Bond.

The guy has saved the world from certain destruction a dozen times over.

His wife got shot in the face less than two minutes after their wedding ended.

And let’s not forget that his junk almost got sliced in half with a laser.

Safe to say he has earned the right to knock a few back at the end of a long workday.

Here is the James Bond Guide to Drinking.


Drink 1: Raki

Raki James Bond From Russia With Love

Seen In: From Russia With Love (1963)
The Drink: Raki is an unsweetened Turkish drink, and the national alcoholic beverage of the country.  It is traditionally consumed straight-up, and is best paired with seafood.
The Occasion: Raki is a must-have on any trip to Turkey – especially if that trip involves getting pursued by Russian assassins.


Drink 2: Jack Daniels Whiskey

James Bond Jack Daniels

Seen In: Goldeneye (1995)
The Drink: The top selling American whiskey in the world, Jack Daniels can be consumed neat, or in a Jack & Coke cocktail.
The Occasion: If you’re about to get chewed out by a disapproving superior, a neat glass of Jack Daniels can really take the edge off the scolding.


Drink 3: Rum Collins

James Bond Rum Collins

Seen In: You Only Live Twice (1967)
The Drink: A twist on the Tom Collins cocktail, swapping out gin for rum.  Traditionally consists of: 2 oz light rum, the juice of 1 lime, 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar and carbonated water garnished with a lemon slice – served on ice in a tall glass.
The Occasion: Faking your death, training to be a ninja and attacking a villain’s secret volcano base can be a bit tiring.  A Rum Collins can be just the drink to help you relax and take a load off.


Drink 4: Suntory Old Whiskey

James Bond You Only Live Twice Whiskey

Seen In: You Only Live Twice (1967)
The Drink: One of Japan’s oldest brewing and distilling companies, Suntory whiskey has a classic taste which can be best enjoyed neat.
The Occasion: A staple of Japanese beverages, Suntory is required-drinking on any outing to Japan.  Be careful not to drink too much – you might make some poor decisions, like undergoing questionable race-changing surgery.


Drink 5: Château Angélus Premier Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion Wine

Château Angélus Premier Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion Wine James Bond Spectre

Seen In: Spectre (2015), Casino Royale (2006)
The Drink: With a rich, full bodied taste, this wine’s notes of spicy dark fruit and truffles ensure a graceful aging.
The Occasion: Train rides with beautiful women.


Drink 6: Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay Rum James Bond Casino Royale

Seen In: Casino Royale (2006)
The Drink: The oldest existing brand of rum in the world, Mount Gay Rum is best enjoyed mixed with soda water and served on ice.
The Occasion: Helps you to not think about the ethics of seducing married women to get information about their criminal husbands.


Drink 7: Bollinger Champagne

Bollinger Champagne James Bond

Seen In: Featured in almost every James Bond movie since Live and Let Die (1973) all the way to Spectre (2015).
The Drink: After a partnership of over 45 years with the James Bond franchise, Bollinger released a Limited Edition Box Set modeled after a gun-silencer.  It even comes equipped with an encoder lock.
The Occasion: Any celebratory occasion is an ideal time to pop open a bottle of Bollinger.


Drink 8: Dom Perigon Champagne

James Bond Dom Perignon

Seen In: Dr. No (1963)Goldfinger (1964)
The Drink: Before Bollinger swooped in, Dom Perignon was the unofficial champagne of choice for 007.  Best served chilled.
The Occasion: If a woman faces imminent death by having her entire body painted with gold, it’s only courteous to offer her a classy beverage to enjoy during the time she has left.


Drink 9: Heineken

James Bond Heinekken

Seen In: Skyfall (2012)Spectre (2015)
The Drink: A pale lager beer from the Netherlands, Heineken’s signature green bottle and red star look make it one of the most recognizable beers in the world.
The Occasion: If your partner just shot you in the chest, knocking you off a moving train and causing your superiors to declare you dead, you might need a refreshing beer too.


Drink 10: Smirnoff Vodka

James Bond Vodka Martini

Seen In: Dr. No (1963)
The Drink: Smirnoff vodka can be enjoyed in many cocktails, but if you want to drink like Bond, there is really only one way to serve it: in a martini.  Simply add vermouth, garnish with an olive, and don’t even think about stirring it.
The Occasion: You’re at a bar and the bartender asks you what you’d like to drink.


Bonus Drink: The Vesper Martini

James Bond The Vesper Martini Casino Royale

Seen In: Casino Royale (2006)
The Drink: Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.  Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.  Be warned: once you’ve tasted it, it’ll be all you want to drink.
The Occasion: Helps you keep your cool during an intense hand of poker.  Just keep a portable defibrillator handy, in case one of your rivals slips some poison in it.


The James Bond Drinking Challenge

James Bond Skyfall Scorpion

Seen In: Skyfall (2012)
The Challenge: Take a shot of tequila while a scorpion sits on your hand.  TIP: Don’t break eye-contact or make any sudden moves.