BEST OF JANUARY: Bond’s Aston Martin, a SNL Icon & Leo’s Mom

James Bond Aston Martin

SECRET AGENT | 1.6.2014 James Bond’s Aston Martin, Only $5 Million

007. He has great taste in martinis, leggy spies and automobiles.  Regarding the latter, James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin from Thunderball (featured again in Skyfall) was on sale.  The price tag: $5 million. It included a smoke machine, a bulletproof screen, and hubcap blades.  Basically, everything but Mr. Connery’s accent.

Golden Globes

MOMMAS BOY | 1.12.2014 The Golden Globes After Party

Leo & Bradley Cooper. The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. Yeah, these two leading men had a good year.  To celebrate at the boozy awards show, they brought, you guessed it, their moms. They kept the evening going all the way through the Netflix after party.  Sorry super models, maybe next year.

John Belushi

BLUTO | 1.24.1949 Mr. Belushi’s Bday

Saturday Night Live. The Blues Brothers. Animal House. John Belushi is a comedic icon that turned any film or skit into an instant classic.  Not to mention the fact that the man looks damn handsome in a white suit (or a spandex bee outfit.)