SUIT UP: A Guide to Wearing a Suit by James Bond

Agent 007 in SPECTRE has some suit advice for you.

Meeting potential Bond girls.

Ordering martinis.

Defeating villains in high-stakes poker games.

These are things that come easy to you (and a certain British secret agent.)

But finding the right tie, shirt & suit combination for your next undercover mission (or engagement party) . . . impossible.  That’s why we’ve broken down Mr. Bond’s suit in SPECTRE to help with your next tie-worthy endeavor. Presenting the guide to wearing a suit by James Bond in four easy steps.

STEP 1: Go With the 3-Piece Suit and Don’t Look Back
James Bond went with the Tom Ford Windsor three-piece suit. Just saying.
STEP 2: The Watch is the Real Attention Grabber
The suit is important but the right watch is everything. Enter the $6k OMEGA Seamaster.
STEP 3: The Shades Tie it All Together
Intimidation. Blocking the sun. Avoiding eye contact. These Tom Ford Snowdon shades do the job.
STEP 4: Toss on Some Leather Gloves for the Hell of It
Black leather across your knuckles = always a good idea. Go with the Mulberry deerskin gloves.