BLING IT ON: The 3 Jennifer Fisher Pieces from The Other Woman You Must Have

What makes these things better . . .

Olympic medals. Bond villains. Mrs. Hawne’s first name.

If you guessed Gold then congratulations.

Related, your jewelry collection is about to get more of it thanks to The Other Woman.  In the fashionable rom-com Leslie Mann befriends the women her husband is cheating with. That woman is Carly (Cameron Diaz) a powerful NYC attorney that sports sexy red dresses, power blazers and gold cuffs shaped as nails. Those cuffs are from the jewelry icon, Jennifer Fisher, and we have three more from the movie below.

The Piece: The XL Double Nail Cuff
This bracelet is a work of industrial genius. It’s not messing around. And you need to be taken seriously when you’re putting estrogen in your husband’s smoothies, right? Or when you’re, you know, delivering a killer presentation in the boardroom. Hopefully the latter.
Jennifer Fisher Cuff The Other WomanTHE END-IT-ALL ACCESSORY
The Piece: The XL Chainlink Cuff
A heavy-duty wrist piece is a must-own for all women. Look at how it transforms Carly’s white tee and jeans from basic to a full-fledged scheming outfit. Even if you don’t spend your Saturdays plotting your ex’s demise, the bracelet really dresses up a weekend ensemble.
Jennifer Fisher Necklace The Other WomanTHE LADYLIKE LAYERING PIECE
The Piece: The Long Chain Necklace 
Playing dress up is fun. More so when you don’t run into your boyfriend’s wife while in costume. But this sophisticated chain is so prim and proper (read: delicate), it almost offsets the short shorts. Wear it with a plunging neckline for a similar effect.

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