DINO-MITE: An Intense Competition of Jurassic World vs. Jurassic Park

A head to head match up of Jurassic World vs. Jurassic Park.  We’re comparing the two dinosaur thrillers.

1993: Jurassic Park hits theaters.

2015: Jurassic World hits theaters.

That means someone needs to compare these two blockbusters. And good luck finding them, they’re out there. But we’re going to compare the safari-chic style, the tropical locations and, most importantly, the level of terror brought on by dinosaurs.

Below is our analysis of the two dinosaur dramas: Jurassic World vs Jurassic Park.

The Competition: The Facilities
Jurassic World: The waterfall. The space station-esque building. The swim-up bar in the pool bar by the waterfall.  (We assume there’s a swim-up bar.)  It’s hard to compete with all of that in the middle of Kualoa Ranch (O’ahu, Hawaii).
Jurassic Park: The oversized doors are stunning and the flames on the sign are a nice touch but you cannot compete with CGI.
Winner: Jurassic World (Not close)

Jurassic World and Jurassic Park Parks

The Competition: His Look
Jurassic World: A tight-fitting poplin shirtleather vest and the black watch that’s flipped around. The entire look pairs well with taming dinosaurs.  (Edge: Jurassic World.)
Jurassic Park: A blue safari shirt, khaki pants and a red bandanna around the neck for style points.
Winner: Jurassic World (Very Close)

Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Chris Pratt

The Competition: Her Outfit
Jurassic World: White skirt, white blouse and a white blazer. Not exactly the best attire for when the dinosaur apocalypse comes.
Jurassic Park: Hiking boots. Shorts. Salmon colored safari shirt. She’s ready to take on a scientifically engineered dino (or an Abercrombie & Kent photo shoot).
Winner: Jurassic Park (Not even close)

Jurassic World and Jurassic Park Her Clothes

The Competition: The Rides
Jurassic World: Two words: Bubble car.
Jurassic Park: There’s no denying that the paint job on their 1993 Ford Explorer is impressive but you cannot compete with bubble cars.
Winner: Jurassic World (No contest)

Bubble Car in Jurassic World

The Competition: Dinosaur Chase Scene
Jurassic World: Flying thorough the rain forest on a Triumph bike with a pack of “friendly” raptors – pretty impressive.
Jurassic Park: Sprinting through an open field with the kiddos and a wild pack of prehistoric creatures – great for small talk at the next family reunion.
Winner: Jurassic Park (family > bike)

Jurassic World Motorcycle Scene

The Competition: Dinosaur Scariness Level (Measured by Screaming)
Jurassic World: Great scream faces in their bubble car. Points deducted for having seat belts on.
Jurassic Park: Screaming at a T-Rex while sitting in the mud with raindrops hitting her head.  Now that’s scary.
Winner: Jurassic Park (Good battle)

Jurassic World Screaming Scene


Overall Winner: Tie