BEST OF DECEMBER: Sinatra, Titanic & Ron Burgundy Returns

Frank Sinatra Style

THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD | 12.12.1915 Happy B-Day Ol’ Blue Eyes

On this day in Hoboken, NJ in 1915, Francis Albert Sinatra came into the world. He won an Oscar (From Here to Eternity), drank Jack Daniels on stage (“The nectar of the gods”) and might have been the inspiration for a character in The Godfather.  Oh, he sang a couple songs too.


Titanic Diamond Ring

KING OF THE WORLD | 12.21.2013 Kate Winslet’s Ring from Titanic, For Sale

At the Movie Film Auction on December 21st,Kate Winslet’s ring from The Titanic went up for bid at $30k. And it was purchased for $50k. To be clear: it’s a fake round diamond from a real movie.  But Leo and James Cameron probably made eye contact with it. So there ya go.


Anchorman 2 Fashion

SEX PANTHER | 12.25.2013 Your Xmas Gifts from Ron Burgundy & Scorsese

The 25th was filled with Wall Street power ties and well groomed lip rugs with the premier of The Wolf of Wall Street and Anchorman 2.  The combo of Leo in 90s excess and the return of Ron Burgundy (and his handsome news team) resulted in an ideal Christmas. The double feature has never had so much testosterone.