DESPERATE TIMES: 10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (And the Time Needed to Make them Happen)

Have you found yourself on Halloween evening with no costume in sight?  Don’t Despair.  TheTake has 10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas that can save the night.

A great Halloween costume.

It takes time.  Creativity.  Foresight.

Things you don’t have.

Don’t worry. TheTake is bringing you 10 Halloween costumes you can quickly throw together, organized by the amount of time you’ve left yourself with.

Your countdown to Halloween starts now.

10. Get that Little Black Dress Out and Rock the Holly Golightly Look

Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany's costume

The Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
What You Need: A black dress, over-sized sunglasses, morning pastry, white bag and coffee.  Optional: Long cigarette holder.
Time You Need: 28 – 30 minutes  (8 minutes to get dressed, 13 minutes to do your hair, 7 – 9 minutes at coffee shop).

9. Wreak some Havoc as the Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers costume

The Movie: Natural Born Killers
What You Need: For Guys: Jeans, a leather jacket, red-lens circular sunglasses, belt with large buckle.  For Girls: red crop top, red pants, brown belt. Optional: a strategically placed scorpion tattoo.
Time You Need: 27 Minutes (22 minutes to dig through your closet for clothes you haven’t worn since High School, 5 minutes to get dressed).

8. This Halloween, Go On a Mission From God

Blues Brothers costume

The Movie: The Blues Brothers
What You Need: Two black suits, two white dress shirts, two black ties, two black fedoras and two pairs of black Ray Bans.
Time You Need: 22 – 24 Minutes (dependent on your tie tying skills.)

7. Be the Man on Wire – Phillipe Petit

The Walk Philippe Petit

The Movie: The Walk, Man on Wire
What You Need: Long sleeve black shirt, black pants, black shoes, a wire/tightrope and one really long pole.
Time You Need: 15 – 18 minutes (4 minutes to get dressed, 11 – 14 minutes to search your house for a really long pole).

6. Be the One Who Knocks

breaking bad walter white costume

The Show: Breaking Bad
What You Need: A Heisenberg hat, a green collared shirt, glasses.  Optional: a shaved head and a goatee.
Time You Need: 14 minutes (8 minutes to gather materials and get dressed, 6 minutes to practice your Heisenberg-voice in the mirror).

5. Fall Back on a Running Gag

Runaway Bride costume

The Movie: Runaway Bride
What You Need: A white dress and running shoes. Done.
Time You Need: 11 Minutes – 11 Minutes and 9 seconds (depending on if you single or double knot your running shoes).

4. Tom Hanks and Wilson – The Ultimate Couples Costume

Cast Away Wilson Costume
The Movie: Cast Away
What You Need: A volleyball, red paint, a FedEx box and ragged clothes. (Go with the Officially Licensed Wilson Cast Away volleyball if you have time).
Time You Need: 10 Minutes (to get Wilson’s friendly, non-judgmental eyes just right).

3. Start a Search For You Missing Wife

Gone Girl Ben Affleck

The Movie: Gone Girl
What You Need: Wear anything you want – simply print out “Missing” posters of Amy (Rosamund Pike) and hand them out at parties while asking if anyone has seen your wife.
Time You Need: 8 Minutes – 8 Minutes and 45 Seconds (determined by speed of printer and if your ink cartridge needs to be changed).

2. Jog Over to Your Halloween Party, Underwood Style

House of Cards

The Show: House of Cards
What You Need: You don’t need a full suit to look presidential – a simple track suit will do.
Time You Need: 3 – 4 minutes (assuming a lack of zipper malfunctions).

1: When All Else Fails, Take Off Your Clothes

The Movie: Magic Mike / Magic Mike XXL
What You Need: Confidence and/or Desperation.  A cool hat wouldn’t hurt.
Time You Need: 5 – 30 seconds (depending on stripping skill level).