SPOT OF THE WEEK: A Three-Story NYC Club with DJs and Zac Efron

That Awkward MomentLet’s set the scene.

Chinatown. New York City. Midnight. A nondescript street. Building with a red door.

Either Liam Neeson’s about to kick in said door and break up a sex trafficking ring, or we’re just dealing with a nightclub here.

50/50 chance.

But in this case, it’s the latter. And specifically, it’s Le Baron,that exclusive Manhattan hangout and sister club to the Paris original. On screen, you can see it in That Awkward Moment, as it plays host to Zac Efron and friends as they drink drinks and prowl the city for… love.

Le Baron That Awkward Moment

Or you can just see it in person. But first, you’ll have to get past the velvet ropes and inside the door, which is no easy task. We believe in you, though. Then once inside, you’ll find three-stories of black-and-red excess, with a real Paris-meets-Shanghai vibe. The crowd skews international, fashion-forward and generally attractive, so you should fit in nicely. DJs will play, people will dance, you’ll retire to a red banquette and order another round of cocktails… good times, all around.

But beware: late-night exits have been known to attract the paparazzi, as they flock to photograph famous patrons leaving the club.

And you’re kind of a big deal on Instagram.