COATWORTHY: The Best Leather Jackets in Film Right Now

Fall, winter, cold, colder…

Yeah, it’s jacket season.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to hide yourself in a hooded parka until spring. Especially when you can wrap yourself in the warm embrace of fine leather instead.

So below: a few ways to do just that, with three leather jackets that up your badass quotient (and your body temperature) just by looking at them. But still, wearing them is best.


Need for Speed leather jacketThe Movie: Need for Speed
Seen On: Dino Brewster played by Dominic Cooper
The Jacket: Belstaff H Racer Jacket. Sure Dino Brewster is a murderous bastard, but you’ve got to give it to him: the man’s got style. We know we should hate him, but when he rocks this functional cotton jersey moto jacket with a rubber coating, we really just want to compliment his knack for layering.
Contraband Jacket imageThe Movie: Contraband
Seen On: Chris Farraday played by Mark Wahlberg
The Jacket: J. Crew Stockton Racer jacket. Involving yourself in an elaborate smuggling scheme sounds exhausting. But it does open you up to some appropriately formidable wardrobe choices. Enter this Italian leather jacket from J. Crew. It’s rugged, it goes with anything and that weathered patina gives it a real vintage look. Basically, it’s the jacket equivalent of Steve McQueen.
limitless jacket The Movie: Limitless
Seen On: Eddie Morra played by Bradley Cooper
The Jacket: Diesel Lade Leather Moto Jacket: When you’re all hopped on experimental drugs that let you access your entire brain and achieve unlimited levels of success, you… well, you still need a good jacket. Like this slim-fitting lambskin number with its moto-style collar and cotton lining. It’s no wonder drug, but it sure looks nice.

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