MAN OF STEEL: Superman’s Trainer Wants a Word with You

Let’s go over your New Year’s resolutions real quick:

– Remember Mom’s B-day.

– Save a little extra cash.

– Look damn handsome in a speedo and cape.

Now about that last one. We can help you out.

Start stretching for your workout with Mark Twight, the trainer who helped turn Henry Cavill into the Man of Steel, now taking training sessions here.

No offense to your normal workout routine but you still can’t lift a car. Frankly, that’s embarrassing.  Allow us to introduce Mark, an extreme rock climber that used to train the military in high altitude situations. Now, he’s moved on to famous athletes and actors.  You might have seen his work in the movie 300.  (If there was an Oscar for Ab sculpting then he would be Woody Allen.)  Finally, he is down for helping you.

Allow us to lay out 4 things you need to know about a training session with this workout guru:

1. 3 months. That’s how long it takes to get someone in movie screen shape for one shirtless scene.  Henry Cavill: It took him 11 months to pack on 20+ pounds of muscle to become Superman for a full feature. You: Lets call it 10 and a half months.

2. You’ll be taking down shakes with protein powder, coconut milk, heavy creams, yogurt and fruit. Basic superhero snacks.

3. Squats. Deadlifts. Getting up close and personal with kettlebells. Every workout is a full body movement that hits everything. Yes, this means abs.

4. For a good low impact workout, you might find yourself flying down a Newfoundland mountain for 60 miles on a mountain bike. It’s how Russell Crowe got toned.

One tip: don’t crash.