LOOK AHEAD: Everything that Matters in the Month of March

March is upon us, and it brings with it movies, shows, sports and one beloved boozy holiday.  Here is everything you’ll care about.

March is a hectic time.

Filling out your bracket, binge-watching Fuller House, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, regretting your St. Patty’s day celebrations …

We get it – it’s a lot.  To help, here’s our March Preview with everything that matters in movies, TV, clothes and finding a proper Irish pub.


3/4: London Has Fallen & Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Hit Theaters

london has fallen whiskey tango foxt

Two big movies hit this weekend.  First, you’ve got the big action sequel to Olympus Has Fallen (2013), this time moving the action over to Her Majesty’s land.  Second, Tina Fey’s next comedic outing takes her to Afghanistan (Margot Robbie gets involved too).

3/4: ‘House of Cards‘ Season 4 Rolls into Netflix

House of Cards Season 4

Tired of all the think-pieces on Trump, Hilary and Bernie?  How about some fresh blood?  House of Cards returns and Frank Underwood’s campaign is in full swing.  Happy binge-watching.

3/11: Sacha Baron Cohen Returns in The Brothers Grimsby

The Brothers Grimsby

The creator of Borat (2006) and Bruno (2009) is trying out the spy-game with his latest film The Brothers Grimsby.  Those easily offended might want to avoid this one.

3/15: March Madness Begins

March Madness

March Madness is upon us. That means one thing . . . you need some new high tops.  For her, try these Adidas kicks. For him, go with these Air Jordans.

3/15: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lands on iTunes

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Do you find yourself accidentally slipping into wookie-like roars when you get upset?  You’re probably coming down with some Star Wars-withdrawal.  Good news: You can relive your favorite scenes from The Force Awakens on iTunes this month.

3/17: St. Patrick’s Day is Here, and We Found You a Nice Drinking Spot

Boondock Saints McGintys

An Irish Holiday needs a proper Irish pub.  We recommend this lovely establishment from The Boondock Saints (1999) – McGinty’s Pub in Boston.  However, if you’re in the NYC area, check out Mike’s Pub from Run All Night (2015)

3/18: Allegiant and Midnight Special Arrive in Theaters

Allegiant Midnight Special

Two new releases hit this Friday.  First, the next adventure in the popular Divergent Series will finally let fans venture beyond the wall.  Second, the sci-fi thriller Midnight Special should give you some Spielbergian feels.

3/20: Winter is Over, so Say Hello to Spring with these Seasonally Appropriate Products


Aria Montgomery Flower Skirt

Swing into Spring Style with Aria’s floral skirt from Pretty Little Liars.


Phil Dunphy Shirt

Put that Winter Coat away and revel in a light chambray shirt, straight from Modern Family.

3/25: The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight go Head-to-Head in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman

Ready for the ultimate showdown of punching, brooding and jutting chins?  We certainly are.  Make sure to check out all the merchandise and clothing from this big blockbuster too.