FOR HIM: Conquer The Cold With Our Men’s Winter Fashion Guide

Heavy snow, high winds…it’s all coming.  To help you prepare, we’ve collected 15 products from film & TV in our Men’s Winter Fashion Guide.

Winter is a time lesser men go into hibernation mode.

But not you.  You want to get out there.

You want to appreciate all the snow angels, snow men, snowball fights and more.

That means bundling up and embracing your layers.

Here are 15 products from film & TV that’ll keep you warm and help you make the most of your winter months.


A Sheepskin Coat for the Head of the Family

Modern Family Phil Dunphy Coat

The Product: Overland Sheepskin Co. El Dorado Shearling Sheepskin Coat, $1,595.00
Seen In: Modern Family


The Sunglasses That Can Take On Everest

Everest Jake Gyllenhaal Sunglasses

The Product: Vuarnet Side Shield Sunglasses, $420.00
Seen In: Everest (2015)


These Boots Are Meant For Running . . . Through the Snow

The Maze Runner Thomas Boots

The Product: Palladium Baggy Leather Gusset Boots, $144.95
Seen In: The Maze Runner, 2014


James Bond Has an Overcoat For You

Spectre James Bond Overcoat

The Product: Tom Ford Herringbone Overcoat, $5,240.00
Seen In: Spectre (2015)


These Aren’t Boxing Gloves, But They’ll Do

Creed Michael B Jordan Gloves

The Product: North Face E-Tip Gloves, $45.00
Seen In: Creed (2015)


Layer Up With This Heathered Hoodie

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Andy Samberg Hoodie

The Product: Threads for Thought Trim Fit Heathered Hoodie, $24.98
Seen In: Brooklyn Nine Nine


A Parka So Thick No Snow is Getting Through It

The Flash Captain Cold Coat

The Product: Canada Goose ‘Banff’ Slim Fit Parka, $825.00
Seen In: The Flash


The Purple Man is Telling You That You Need This Scarf

Jessica Jones Killgrave Scarf

The Product: Moschino Solid Fringed Wool Scarf, $70.00
Seen In: Jessica Jones


The Beanie That’ll Get You Through The Winter

Master of None Aziz Ansari Beanie

The Product: Penfield Neon Pattern Beanie, $35.00
Seen In: Master of None


A Winter Coat For the Distinguished Gentleman

The Night Before Joseph Gordon Levitt Coat

The Product: Marc New York Double Breasted Coat, $269.99
Seen In: The Night Before (2015)


These Classic Boots Are Making a Comeback

Empire Hakeem Lyon Boots

The Product: Timberland Waterproof Boots, $190.00
Seen In: Empire


Dress Flashy this Winter With a Striped Cardigan

The Flash Barry Allen Cardigan

The Product: Diesel Striped Stretch Cardigan, $115.50
Seen In: The Flash


Sweatpants Perfect For Any Winter “ActivityFifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey Sweatpants

The Product: James Perse French Terry Sweatpants, $135.00
Seen In: 50 Shades of Gray (2015)


A Hoodie For Those Winter Training Sessions

Creed Micahel B Jordan Hoodie

The Product: Jordan All-Around Pullover Hoodie, $49.99
Seen In: Creed (2015)


This Coat is Now on Your Most Wanted List

Blacklist Coat Raymond _Red_ Reddington

The Product: Loro Piano Martingala Coat, €4,250.00
Seen In: The Blacklist