GOGGLY EYES: Because You Need the Goggles in ‘Minions’

We found the glasses in ‘Minions’ and we want you to have them.

Goggles in MinionsWe don’t know when you’ll need them.

We don’t know when you’ll wear them.

And to be honest, we don’t know what you should wear them with – maybe something yellow?

But we think you desperately need a pair of the goggles from this weekends blockbuster, ‘Minions‘, for an emergency situation.  And by emergency we mean these situations: Chopping onions for you world famous chili deep. Snorkeling at your next hot tub mixer. Or, heck, put some dark lenses in them and toss them on at the beach.  (Warning: the Minions goggles might leave tan lines.)

They’re 13 bucks and they’re right here.

To celebrate, check out this clip from your favorite little people that don’t speak a lick of english.