MOMMIE DEAREST: Does Scream Queens Episode 8 Settle The Nature v. Nurture Debate?

Mommie Dearest?  More Like Mommie Fear-est.  Episode 8 Pulls Back the Curtain on the Scream Queens’ Matriarchs – and it Ain’t Pretty.

Spoiler Alert: Grace isn’t bathtub baby.  She’s the daughter of this girl:

bathtub baby grace's mom

Remember her?  Not exactly the best role model.

And what about the woman who spawned Chanel Oberlin?

She forbid her daughter to attend her own high school graduation.  Why?  Because she was deformed.  She would bring shame to her family.  BECAUSE CHANEL HAD A ZIT.

So is it nature or nurture that catapults children into their destiny?  We don’t know for sure.  But we do know a little more about the killers loose on the campus of Wallace University.

We wonder what kind of mommies they had…

Speaking of – Kappa now has a House Mom!  She looks AMAZING in #5’s digs…

denise hemphill new kkt house mom

…which #5 did NOT appreciate.

chanel #5 denise hemphill clothes

But Denise Hemphill is doing more than just raiding closets – she’s still out to nail Zayday as the killer.

zayday confronts jennifer and denise

After all, #3 promised her millions to get the job done. (What’s UP with that?)

chanel #3 promises denise hemphill millions

Meanwhile, Dean Munch has her hands full with not one…

dean munch battles red devil

…not two…

dean munch battles two devils

BUT THREE killers – and one of them is Justice Scalia!  We object!

dean munch battles scalia

Despite all that, Grace finally discovered the identity of the Hag of Shady Lane.  Gigi as a step-mom???  Grace can’t catch a break.

hag of shady lane i paint them all

More importantly – BOONE IS BACK (and ready to keep killing).  We’re finally getting somewhere.

boone is back

And now campus is closed, Chanel is incensed and we can’t wait to see who’ll pay for it next week.

chanel is pissed

But before we go, we bid farewell to Candle Girl.  May the diptyques shine bright in the afterlife.


Btw – couldn’t you just DIE for this Ida Sjostedt fur?  We give you that and more right here.

chanel fur coat