SPY CHIC: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ + Mr. Porter = Very Handsome

We have big news regarding your suit closet.

It’s about to get a new addition from Britain and it’s just might save the world. Well, kind of . . .

Presenting the Kingsman Collection on Mr. Porter.  The suit gurus at Mr. Porter have teamed up with the gentleman of ‘Kingsman:The Secret Service‘ to create, arguably, the most handsome collection of spy attire since an old chap named 007 started chasing goldfingers.

What you’ll find: a world of waxed cotton field jackets, gold-plated crest cufflinks, double breasted suits, wood handled umbrellas and the occasional smoking jacket. To complete your new found formal look, toss on a pair of the tortoiseshell square frames by Cutler and Gross. Colin Firth wouldn’t lead you the wrong way.

Check out Mr. Porter’s Trailer here: